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My Experience Preferring Transgender Women (as a MGTOW)

By Moon Base MGTOW | MoonBaseMGTOW | 7 Feb 2022

First things first, sexuality is not a big part of my identity. The virtue of the monk is my highest ideal. I wrote a book about it after all! 

Nonetheless, there is some merit to publishing this, especially for any other man who identifies with it, but most importantly because of MGTOW; Going my own way has already made me quite familiar with living on the fringes with differing opinions from those around me. 

Bachelorhood is not an unacceptable trait in my family. Even a closeted gay family member has put pressure on me to marry and have children (this should clue you in on the lack of introspection I'm dealing with from my family). After that hurdle, over time I dared to initiate religious debates, admit my depression, and lastly, my support of the transgender movement. 

And thus we transition to the main topic. It'll be split into two parts. 

  • 1: Childhood Experience
  • 2: Viewing natal females and transwomen differently. 

Childhood Experience

At around 6 or 7 years old, I drew a picture of a naked woman jumping out of a plane with a parachute as a joke for my brothers. After we had our fun, I did my best to erase the "bad" parts, and then crumpled up the paper and threw it out. But my "lovable" Aunt (not really) dug it out of the trash and confronted me about it. 

She pointed at the breasts and even I was impressed at how nonchalantly I shrugged them off as if they were no big deal. But then she pointed down to the crotch, and for some reason, I froze. And so after a brief silence, I bolted into the hallway and locked myself in the bathroom, hiding until the coast was clear. (Funnily enough, years later I would lock myself in that same bathroom, but with a more "updated" version of the image.) 

I don't have any scientific data on it at this time but I've heard from two other sources that this phenomenon, the youthful misunderstanding of female genitalia, could be a rather common occurrence. It happened to me because I grew up with only male siblings, cousins, and even friends of the family that were my age. So at bath time, when we were all grouped, that was when I saw other naked bodies, which confirmed that everyone else had penises too.

If I had other young female relatives, I could have found out for sure, because I explained in the story prior that I was uncomfortable talking about that with the adults in my life. I didn't see a real vagina until I was about 10 or 11, but by then it was already too late, especially since it was through my baby cousin, whom I had to diaper-change at the time, so it wasn't stimulating in the slightest.

So, that is why my very first, self-generated object of sexual desire turned out to be a transwoman because I had no idea at the time that women did not have penises at that age.

Natal Women and Transgender Women

It's not like I was completely conscious of this attraction my whole life, (hell, it was probably suppressed after that confrontation with my Aunt) so once puberty hit, I had forgotten all about it and was able to date and fall in love with natal women no problem. By 8th grade, every girl in my school was in my spank bank. But outside of the bathroom, however, I did not display that same ravenousness.

Granted, my body/self-image issues and religious ideals were most likely at fault for my sexual passivity, but I was seldom the initiator nor closer of these relationships nonetheless. Girls asked me to prom. My first girlfriend asked me out.

But even though sexual repression is probably the root of the problem, it still doesn't change the fact that I have never simped for a biological female in my entire life. I spent an entire summer deflecting one of my crushes' requests to buy her a dress. 

Another speed bump in my relationships was too much sexuality. Too many times have I had a crush on a girl only to find out soon after that she was a slut or had a boyfriend (but was still flirting with me). Men are the real romantics, am I right? I was.

I started becoming more pragmatic at the age of 23, so much so that I resented the fact that I wasn't born into a culture with arranged marriages. By that time, I loved the idea of becoming a father more than being a husband. A successful woman to me was a pregnant one. Children would be the first stat I scrolled down to any time I looked up a famous woman's wiki page. 

At around 24 I told myself not to have casual sex with a girl unless I was completely okay with her accidentally getting pregnant. That effectively ended things for me. One month before I turned 25, I officially went MGTOW.

Even if I could get with a girl and just do anal, or master the non-ejaculatory orgasm, or even get a vasectomy, I would still feel guilty that I was just wasting her prime birthing years and throwing another wrench in her pair-bonding mechanism for the next guy that eventually settles down with her. 

Essentially, my relationships with natal women always had this extra baggage surrounding them.

But with transwomen, I don't have this problem. First off, marriage isn't even legal in most countries if she can't change her birth gender, like Japan, which is where I want to live. And second, she doesn't have a womb, so there's no responsibility for kids.

No destination, just enjoy the journey. 

The only possible drawback is that I'd take a social hit, but as a MGTOW, I have no social status anyway, so what does it matter? 


Now you know my bias.

This is the reason why I don't have red pill rage. The only woman I'm angry at is my mom for not raising me, my grandma for the Christian brainwashing, and my Aunt for her anger issues. But all the other women in the world, I've put them through way more bullshit than they've ever given me. 

I do have some regrets for not closing on a few girls, but at the end of the day, I'm STD and baby-mama-free, so I can't really lament anything.

I had to tell you because I started to feel guilty that I had an unfair advantage. If the blue-pill plantation is an airplane, which has already taken a few shots from below, I'm okay jumping out because I have a parachute; my sexual alternative comes with 100% guaranteed birth control. But if a completely heterosexual man jumps, he's got to go limp and fall into some trees to break the fall and survive lol. 

But, on the other end of the double-edge, the possibility for simping and other bad decisions has to be navigated over two population groups in which I must maintain my dignity amongst.

I guess in that respect, TFM and RPM's "Just get a doll" wins out in the end. 

But a mindful life of semen retention and contemplation along the solitary path is the greatest treasure of all. All sexuality is trivial anyway since truly enlightened beings all happen to be celibate in the end. Sexual Transmutation, as in the physical transformation of the energy through sexual practice, and the mixing of Yin/Yang forces in Taoist esoteric yoga, could be a necessary stage in eventually reaching that enlightenment. But that's a story for another day. 


See You on the Far Side...


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Manifesting a higher level of development in MGTOW, focused on Monk Mode, philosophy, and brotherhood.

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