Highest paying airdrop bots - November

By aravlic | Monthly Top Airdrops | 13 Nov 2020

Here are the highest paying telegram airdrop bots we found in november so far.  Only 4 bots with few social tasks to allegedly claim $1650.  Sounds crazy, but several other De-Fi projects recently offered huge value airdrops. You can try your luck with these four quick telegram bots.

Uniswap Gold (UNIG) - 500 UNIG ($500) - Bot link

Uniswap Pro (UNIPRO) - 600 UNIPRO ($300) - Bot link

Apple Protocol (AAPL) - 10 AAPL ($250) - Bot link

uDrop Finance - 120 UFI ($600) - Bot link


What do you think? Will the tokens hold their promised value? 

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Monthly Top Airdrops
Monthly Top Airdrops

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