How “I” make very decent passive income using multiple faucets, PTC’s, and trading Crypto.

By mikehicks83 | MoneyMike83 | 11 Apr 2021

This is my best effort to pass on information for you to benefit and earn the most free money, in the most efficient way, from multiple cryptocurrency faucets, were a few cents, or “Satoshi’s” can go a long way. I can save you the headache of wasting hours on sites that will likely never pay, or if they do, it’s hardly worth the time and effort you put in. I will list my favorite Bitcoin(and all crypto) sites with faucets, paid to click ads, short links and various ways to gamble house money etc. And try to show you how to make the best use of your winnings, to keep that money flowing. 

Before I dive in, just take comfort in knowing there is a way for all of us to generate a decent side income, by basically wasting time on the internet like most of us are doing for free anyway. Over about 3 years, my laziness combined with my impeccable sense of resourcefulness, has allowed me to bump around and navigate this strange maze of cryptocurrencies, while “accidentally” developing a blueprint to not only keep a stream of passive income, but capitalizing even further by the manipulating, (or taking advantage of) the extreme volatility that is attached to all things Crypto.

I work a very stressful, full time job. It provides us a stable income, and insurance. I am very thankful..... But I hate it! Like a lot of people that are 30/40-something, with a family, and no time or way to take out another $100K in impossible to pay back loans/or sacrificing financial stability to complete another year or 2 of school just to transition into something I’m likely STILL GONNA HATE! It just doesn’t feel logical or reasonable to pivot into a new career, AND especially during the COVID era. No, you won’t be able to immediately retire from this information, but you can pad your current income by pretty easily making $ almost daily, by clicking a few buttons. Here are my favorite places to push buttons! BTW, I’m ranking these in order of most money to be made with lower withdrawal thresholds, as well as entertainment value and how easy it is to use and navigate, respectively.

1.) Freebitcoin or (


1st, use my referral link because obviously the rewards are better when you have an army of referrals. 

freebitcoin referral!

There are so many cool features on Freebitcoin, but easily my favorite is the high/low game. There is an hourly faucet, that is currently paying 21 Satoshi’s with every roll. That number fluctuates from 21-40 Satoshi’s lately. But either way, as soon as I get my free Satoshi’s, I’m rolling that free money on the high/low game. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING more fun and exciting than playing in a casino with the houses money. And you get to do this literally every hour with Freebitcoin. They also allow you to bet on various sporting events, and even on closing prices of BitCoin or share prices of Tesla at the end of the month. Every degenerate gamblers dream. You can bet on bullshit, and do it using their $! Other ways to make money are by maintaining a balance of at least 30,000 Satoshi’s,(or roughly $17 USD), you earn interest. And....



By buying and HODL-ing FUN tokens(which are currently 73 Satoshi’s if you purchase through them), you can get multiply rolls in the “Wheel of Fortune Game” where the prizes range from 40, 400, or 4,000 Satoshi’s. You can win 40, 400, or 4,000 Lottery Tickets or Reward points specific to Freebitcoin. The bigger prizes are Amazon gift cards, a $15,000 dollar Rolex or the BIG lottery tickets to win the coveted Lambo. I currently hold 7,500 Fun tokens, so I get at least 8 spins a day, and usually another 3-5 bonus spins at random times throughout the day, plus I receive .1% back on all of my bets. 



I maintain a balance of at least 50,000 Satoshi’s, which by the way, I’ve earned 100% through Freebitcoin, many times over, just since I became a member in December 2020. The withdrawal threshold is 30,000 Satoshi’s(the same # that will earn you interest for maintaining that balance.) I usually cash out 50K Satoshi’s(or roughly $30 USD) once I’ve ran up my balance to .0010000 BTC, or 100,000 Satoshi’s(approx $60 USD). Since December, I’ve cashed out 5 times, so usually about once a month. You can deposit your money directly into CoinBase as soon as you’ve obtained 30,000 Satoshi’s, which I earn further profits by purchasing Algorand or (ALGO) which also earns you a 6% staking bonus through CoinBase. If you’re new to Crypto, CoinBase is a very user friendly and safe exchange, which lists most of all the various crypto coins. If you use my referral, you will get $10 in free Bitcoin as soon as you buy/deposit or sell $100 in crypto through CoinBase. As you can see, this life is all about referrals! 

CoinBase Referral Link.

Freebitcoin is just 1 of many of my favorite sites, but you can pass a lot of time and have a lot of fun with this one. I’m trying to keep these blogs relatively short and sweet, so I’ll add way more tips on the next one. In the meantime, please feel free to make yourself some extra money and click my referral link for FreeBitcoin Referral Link.

Thanks again! 

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