Actual Current Balance Faucet Review

By mikehicks83 | MoneyMike83 | 4 Apr 2021

Before I forget, here is the referral link to, one of the most entertaining faucet games in all the intrawebz. Up to several thousand Sats every hour.

First, allow me to be transparent. The withdrawal threshold is relatively high, at .01 BTC before you can cash out. But you will start out being rewarded very generously, averaging anywhere from $10-$25 USD in BTC Satoshi’s, per every 50 spins, which you can re-up every hour. This is my current balance, since January 28th, 2021

As you can see, the Satoshi’s accumulate very fast. The catch, is that once you’ve accumulated around .0070000 in Bitcoin, the payout slows down quite a bit. I now earn about an average of 200 Satoshi’s every hour. 


Every hour you can “claim” 50 Free Spins. Again, I’ve been a member since January 2021, so in just under 3 months I’ve seen the wheel and the free spins evolve and fluctuate everywhere from 15 to 100, hourly. At the time of this blog post, I’m getting 50 free spins every hour. Within those spins, you can be rewarded outright free Satoshi’s, some are within a scratch off game, another option is a “pick which box.” Losing spins are either Nothing, or a “Free Spin” which I consider losing, because it just wastes time and you still get nothing for that spin🤣. And lastly, you can be rewarded lottery tickets within the spins, and the lottery is very winnable! I have won twice in 3 months. Both times were a pretty nice little .00065000 Sats. There are 10 lottery winners daily, and once you make it to the higher thresholds of BTC, like where I’m at now, a lottery win can put me over the top to a quick cash out at .01 BTC, which at the time of writing, is a cold $575.63 in USD. The threshold will take you a while, but they will pay, and it is obtainable. 


The pop-ups are super annoying, but it’s how they can afford to pay us that $500+ every 6 months. 😃

And within those pop-up’s, there is a ton of PRON. It never fails, if I’m in a public place or at work, trying to rush and sneak in as many spins as possible, someone will walk up over my shoulder, and see that I’m playing a game, and before they can finish asking, “what kind of slot machine is this?” There is a tiny Asian girl riding a HUGE dong, and it makes me look like a big pervert. BUT, sometimes it’s better to just look like a pervert than trying to explain what, why, and how a Bitcoin works, to a clueless 50-something year old that still would rather use cash for everything... which seems to be all the people I know, when trying to get referrals, which is MAJOR in this Faucet game.

And by the way, it only takes about 6 minutes to use all of your 50 Free Spins. That includes all the worthless “spin again’s” and the various Porn that will pop up at random times as you’re spinning. 


I will write further reviews of my favorite faucets, and only the ones that I feel like are worth our precious time. 

Please do not forget to use my referral link before you venture off into Satoshi Paradise powered by PRON.


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