How to earn 1000$ ?

By HRGAME | | 10 Oct 2019

How to earn 

Friends, as we know, increasing population is a very big problem in front of the whole world and increasing population is giving rise to many problems, one of them is unemployment.
According to a report, 38% of the world's population is unemployed. If we talk about Pakistan, then 95% people are unemployed, then today we will learn about an income-generating platform so that we can earn something in our part time.
As we know, income can be made from Facebook and YouTube, but it is not easy to succeed in this, due to the difficult rules of this platform and with much competition, only people can be successful here.
  Today I will tell you a platform in which you can make very good income, you should have a little skill, this platform name is steemit
Now you want to know what Steemit is
  Steemit is a decentralized social network site in which you can generate income by writing a blog, Facebook is like and dislikes. Similarly, the option of upvote comes in Steemit, the more upvote you will get on your post, the more your income will be here, not like YouTube and Facebook. Would have
This is the crypto currency base platform where there is cryptocurrency like Steam, Steam Doll. If you want to make income online, then initially this platform will help you a lot at this time. Competition is also very low at this time. Here is another special thing of Steemit Photography, voice recording can also be reduced with the help of video mocking and live streaming. My Steam ID is given below. Purtlegram Group if you If you want to earn, join for more information.351665157-90a2e2df21a5498bb89fad77c388b838783b40ec319e876eb8492d18d22140c2.jpeg

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