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By ozzon | Money online 2022-2023 | 7 Jan 2024

A site where you can win for free XRP.


FaucetEarner is a platform that earns crypto XRP for free. There have been websites offering free crypto since Bitcoin was first launched over 10 years ago. The first Bitcoin faucets offered over 5 BTC for free. It was considered worthless at the time, but any free crypto is good crypto. This is a great way to get started with no investment, and these small amounts can really add up over time.

Investment projects on this platform are divided into demand deposits, 1-week deposits, 1-month deposits, 3-month deposits, 6-month deposits and 1-year deposits. The return on investment is 5%, 7%, 10%, 20%, 40% and 100% respectively (the ROI is calculated for 1 year). This means that you can earn the appropriate interest over the chosen investment period.



                             How To Win?


There are three earning options to choose from: Unlimited Faucet, PTC Ads and Smart Investment!



Unliited Faucetm

Claim up to 10 XRP for free every minute. Effortless accumulation of digital assets!


PTC Advertisements

Earn more effortlessly by clicking on ads!Take your profits to the next level!


Smart Investment

Smart investment helps you maximize your income! Unlimited withdrawals are available at any time!


FaucetEarner Referral Program (Affiliate) consists of more than 1 level. What does this mean?

If a person uses your referral link to sign up, they become your referral and you will receive 7% of every earnings they make. This is a first level or level 1 recommendation.

The person they invite becomes your second level referral and you will receive a 2% commission on that person's earnings.

Similarly, if your second-level referral invites a new user, then that user becomes your third-level referral. You will receive a commission of 1% of this person's earnings.





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Money online 2022-2023
Money online 2022-2023

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