5 Things you should take care about in the pandemic time

5 Things you should take care about in the pandemic time

By Michal Lewicz | Money Makes Money | 10 Jun 2020

There is of course more of that but I choose minimum. This is what we learn from March and April pandemic and it’s an innocent beginning so we need to be aware it’s not for everyone yet. But it could be in 2 months…

Don’t forget about it in your fight to survive about that, there is something more in life than the 4 walls we are stuck in. Make a bucket list of your dreams. In one year when the dust will go down maybe the world is not gonna be the same anymore but you need to be ready for it. Every success and failure have a beginning in human brain. After you make your list put the headphones on with the music you like, lean back and just forget about the shit around…

Take care about your immune system and condition (right diet, long sleep, regular sex and workout). Life in lock down is not easy and I respect anyone who choose that. But our body needs fresh air, sun and activity. Without this, you will die faster than from any fucking virus and pandemic.

Learn to make fast deals buy/sell for example on crypto currency. In the time of isolation physical businesses are struggling the most. Props to all of you! I wish you all the best.

Watch a video, read a book, buy survivor course. Art of survival. I don’t know what will happen in 3-4 months or the next year. But this what is happening now it’s too much for such of short period. Not so long ago we have been laughing at biological weapons or human control, now all of this is real…

Fuck this! I know it is a disaster but what else can we do now? All around the world number of orders are falling. They are freezing payments. The world just stopped. More people will die because of politics than the virus. Fuck this, you are just human and your life is the most important. Not those fucking numbers. You are not alone, it will affect all humanity…

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