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Save time learning Windows and Apple Keyboard shortcuts

Most of the time the operating systems we use have shortcut keys to complete different tasks. There is no good place to look them up all at once. I found a resource on social media that let me collect and combine all that information into one post. So I hope someone will have some benefit from that.

Save Your Time Windows and Apple versions!

Windows Version:
Ctrl + A - Select All
Ctrl + B - Bold
Ctrl + C - Copy
Ctrl + D - Fill
Ctrl + F - Find
Ctrl + G - Find next instance of text
Ctrl + H - Replace
Ctrl + I - Italic
Ctrl + K - Insert a hyperlink
Ctrl + N - New workbook
Ctrl + O - Open
Ctrl + P - Print
Ctrl + R - Nothing right
Ctrl + S - Save
Ctrl + U - Underlined
Ctrl + V - Paste
Ctrl +W - Close
Ctrl + X - Cut
Ctrl + Y - Repeat
Ctrl + Z - Cancel
F1 - Help
F2 - Edition
F3 - Paste the name
F4 - Repeat the last action
F5 - Goto
F6 - Next Pane
F7 - Spell Check
F8 - Extension of the mode
F9 - Recalculate all workbooks
F10 - Activate Menubar
F11 - New graph
F12 - Save As
Ctrl +: - Insert the current time
Ctrl +; - Insert the current date
Ctrl + "- Copy the value of the cell above
Shift + F1 - What is it?
Shift + F2 - Edit cell comment
Shift + F5 - Find
Shift + F6 - Previous Panel
Shift + F8 - Add to the selection
Shift + F9 - Calculate the active worksheet
Shift + F10 - Popup menu display
Shift + F11 - New spreadsheet
Shift + F12 - Save
Ctrl + F3 - Set name
Ctrl + F4 - Close
Ctrl + F5 - XL, size of the restore window
Ctrl + F6 - Next Workbook Window
Ctrl + F8 - Resize Window
Ctrl + F9 - Minimize the workbook
Ctrl + F10 - Maximize or Restore Window
Ctrl + F11 - Inset 4.0 Macro sheet
Ctrl + F1 - Open File
Alt + F1 - Insert a graph
Alt + F2 - Save As
Alt + F4 - Output
Alt + F8 - Macro dialog
Alt + F11 - Visual Basic Editor
Ctrl + Shift + F6 - Previous Window
Ctrl + Shift + F12 - Printing
Alt + Shift + F1 - New spreadsheet
Alt + Shift + F2 - Save
Alt + = - AutoSum

Alt + down arrow - automatic view format
Alt + '- Format Style Dialog
Ctrl + Shift + ~ - General Format

The apple version: (Thanks Alex Knobbe)
Shortcut Action
Command-A Select All
Command-B Bold selected text or toggle bold on or off
Command-C Copy
Command-F Find
Command-H Hide windows of currently running application
Command-I Italicize selected text or toggle italic on or off
Command-M Minimize
Command-N New
Command-O Open
Command-P Print
Command-Q Quit Logos
Command-S Save
Command-V Paste
Command-W Close
Command-X Cut
Command-Z Undo
Command-comma Preferences
Command-Tab Switch Programs
Command-Down Arrow Move text insertion point to document end
Command-Up Arrow Move text insertion point to document beginning
Command-Left Arrow Move text insertion point to current line beginning
Command-Right Arrow Move text insertion point to current line end
fn-Down Arrow Page Down
fn-Up Arrow Page Up
fn-Left Arrow First Page
fn-Right Arrow Last Page
Control-Option-Command-8 Universal Access: Invert color
Option-Command-8 Universal Access: Zoom On or Off
Option-Command-= Universal Access: Zoom In
Option-Command— Universal Access: Zoom Out
Shift-Command-Z Redo
Shift-Command-slash(/) go to the Help menu
Shift-Command-3 Capture the entire screen & Save as a file
Shift-Command-Control-3 Capture the entire screen & Copy to the clipboard

For most of those I had no idea. How many did you guys know?


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