Money from Bling games! Make some Satoshi!

Hi this is my next post.

In my post i show you how many money i do with Bling and PlayDay games. I send this money to my CoinBase wallet.

Create COINBASE wallet with this link


I start play this games 25.12.2019, and i try send money from games and it is working.

This is the dates, when i send satoshi to the my CoinBase wallet.

December 2019 - 0,00000103 btc

January 2020 - 0,0000309 btc

February 2020 - 0,00003873 btc

March 2020 - 0,00007911 btc

April 2020 - 0,00006222 btc

May 2020 - 0,00006284 btc

June 2020 - 0,00015121 btc

July 2020 - 0,0001002 btc

August 2020 - 0,00010723 btc

September 2020 - 0,000087 btc

October 2020 - 0,00014925 btc

November 2020 - 0,0001196 btc

December 2020 - 0,00004494 btc




With playing this games i make 106558 satoshi and this is 35,66$, when BTC is 33 460,71$ 

Thank you for your first answers and support, I wish you a lot of fun!

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Money from cryptocurrency games!
Money from cryptocurrency games!

This blog is about "How much money i make in cryptocurrency games!"

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