Your only goal should be to not have to work anymore.

Of course the goal of a man is not to stop working because it is in the accomplishment that we reach happiness and not when we do nothing.

However the goal of man should be to no longer depend on the work he provides. no longer depend on a salary, a boss, a company ... this is the financial freedom.

The average person lives on a salary. The majority of the population is in salaried employment. For the majority they do a job they don't like during the week while waiting to receive their salary to escape for a weekend and a rare vacation, to get away from this life that they suffer and hate. And this every day, every week, every year, until their retirement often not very high which will give them just enough to continue this life until their death. A Rat Race endless for consumption, futile pleasures, the abandonment of their dreams, the Metro-Boulot-Dodo every day without a specific goal. They are at the service of money.

Your goal should be to get out of the Rat Race if you are looking for long term happiness. Take your pain in patience, invest your money, create businesses and alternative incomes to our salary to eventually replace it and no longer depend on it. at the bottom of a reserve, behind a desk, 35 hours or more in the week, to end up not counting them.

The world works because there are individuals who are there to serve a system, but all great men aspire to free themselves from it.

That's why I'm here. To share with you my journey to become financially free and to become a fulfilled man apart from what money provides us too. Happiness is a whole.
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Bastien Scellier
Bastien Scellier

Young man passionate about building the best man possible. Here to share my learnings, personal development, philosophy, investment, business and crypto...

Money contributes to happiness although happiness
Money contributes to happiness although happiness

"Financial independence is the freedom to do what you want, when you want, without having to worry about money." - Suze Orman We are forced to realize that if we let our finances drift and do not take our independence, it will be taken away from us. Subscribe if you want to follow my financial journey.

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