Less consumption. More creation.

A world like ours works because there is a multitude of consumers for a tiny fraction of producers. Wealth is acquired above all by passing on the side of the producers. 

If we take stock of the average person's day, we can easily see that, despite all the beautiful dreams and the best intentions in the world, he spends his day consuming, hoping that one day he too will have enough to consume again and again. The trap in which individuals fall is that they consume, sometimes with guilt, but they continue despite everything. 

Why? you may ask. Simply because the effort between consumption and the pleasure it gives us is immediate. While the pleasure provided by the production and the harvest of the fruits of it is always deferred. And this logic in a world like ours is exacerbated because consumption and immediate gratification have never been so accessible (Uber eat, Netflix, Tiktok, YouTube, the "drives", Uber ...). 

This is where the opportunity for us is emerging. To produce for others is to bring them all the more to indulge in their comfort. In a world where individuals tend to tend towards more and more nihilism, we can only take advantage of it. 

It's time to produce now. We must look around, how people consume, why they do it, what motivates them, what they really need... Understanding what they want and offering it to them on a platter is the miracle recipe to have value and for it to bear fruit. 

This mentality is directly explained in the book "The millionaire fastline" by MJ DeMarco with the following quote:

"What is the ultimate irony of this producer/consumer dichotomy? It's that once you succeed as a producer, you can consume whatever you want without much consequence, because you'll be rich. To consume like a rich person, start by producing "richly". Unfortunately, most people do the opposite: they consume and do not produce. Producers get rich. Consumers get poorer. Change teams and become a producer before you become a consumer. Make wealth attracted to you!". Chapter 17 , page 185. 

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Bastien Scellier
Bastien Scellier

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Money contributes to happiness although happiness
Money contributes to happiness although happiness

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