How does it feel to work for the minimum wage? ( In France )

I am currently working in a convenience store near my home. A small shop where I work as a "polyvalent employee", that is to say that I do all the tasks that can be done by any person with two legs, two arms and a more or less functional brain during 7 hours.

Now how does it feel to work at $9.62/hour?

Honestly, working for minimum wage is no way to live in the long run. It's a form of slavery. You earn just enough to live on but never enough to change your life unless you ration and tighten your belt.

You feel useless. You feel like a cog in a wheel, in a system that would go on without you anyway because someone else would gladly take your place as a slave.

We feel like prisoners because the days off are only a mirage that allows us to believe that we are living well, only to return to the same time, the same days in this job to earn the same minimum wage. Doing the same tasks tirelessly. Tasks that do not feed your soul or your person but only to get a sum of money that will be spent to enrich others. And even if you manage to put aside some money, it will not change your life.

So that's my life as a student for 21 hours a week while I study economics and management.

But, what is the message I wish to transmit?

Of course a message of hope. I aspire to wealth, I aspire to success. Of course, many other people on this planet are in much worse living conditions than I am.

How can we get out of this situation? Here is what I have put in place and how I am going to get out of what is more commonly known as the "Rat Race".

1. Save and invest 20% of my income every month

2. Develop online businesses with the little time I have left after doing my sport, my studies and my job

3. Never stop learning, reading books, researching to increase my self worth

4. Keep an optimistic mindset and move forward knowing that my hard work now will pay off later

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Bastien Scellier
Bastien Scellier

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Money contributes to happiness although happiness
Money contributes to happiness although happiness

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