Use old smartphones for earn money

By AryaStark | Money and Work | 6 Jun 2022

Many of us do not want to sell our olds devices because we know that deleted files are not always really deleted...but they are not eternals and either because work slowly or because the RAM is full and we need to update our favorites app  and a more fast device so we should  change the smartphones each some time.

If you are identify with this situation I got a solution for you and even already you will make money without any work.


Let's start, first thing is having a wifi conexion, then installing an apk to our old devices that should have a working SIM card, register the Money SMS account for each smartphone, and let the aplication run in second plane.

Money SMS is a company that send Proof's SMS using internet and pays to you just for receiving they.

Each SMS received is rewarded with 0,02 Euros and you can withdraw since 2 euros to your PayPal account or to your BTC Wallet or LTC Wallet.

Even better, you can build your network and win 30% of the incomes obtained by the people in the network that have been registered with your referral code.

My referral code for you gives you a welcome bonus of 0,5 Euros so I will be very gratitude if you use it! Please remember use this code J8ZEED85 when you register and both of us will win!


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