Artificial Intelligence & Human Work

By AryaStark | Money and Work | 1 May 2021

The history of the human being is linked to work, let's be honest, whatever type it may be, every human being needs to work to survive, since the complexity of our psychological needs makes the human being a consumer animal. And the more that is consumed, the more resources are needed to cover “needs”.

The reality is that until today, the only organized union that has managed to live very well without working has been the Aristocrats and then the Politicians. Both shielded in "rights" either derived from God or from men.

For the rest of humanity, work has been an inexorable premise. It is constantly evolving, from the handicraft of the beginning of time to the automation of today, in which man is becoming less and less necessary.

Artificial Intelligence is the new milestone since the Industrial Revolution, it is the beginning of a new paradigm, in which everything we know and everything for which we have been prepared will become obsolete.

The same Marvin Lee Minsky, one of the fathers of AI who initially believed that this would be the one that would save humanity, in the 70s prophesied "When the computers take control, we may not be able to recover it again. We will survive as long as they tolerate us. If we're lucky, they might decide to keep us as their pets. "

Let's be optimistic or pessimistic, the truth is that Artificial Intelligence and all its applications will radically change the world, man, his activities and, of course, work. Today we can read in any media specialized in Human Resources, that the new skills most appreciated in workers are no longer techniques, which can be performed more effectively by machines, but those that involve aptitudes inherent to human genius, such as creativity. , the ability to adapt to changes , solve complex problems and work in teams, the ability to communicate and empathize with others , finally, all those characteristics that distinguish us from animals and machines.

The future will be challenging in the workplace, since it is estimated that 65% of children entering basic education today will work in positions that do not yet exist, according to studies by the World Economic Forum. So for us who have already left the University, it will be even more difficult unless we can adapt to the changes that will be unleashed as a constant in this uncertain future.

Science fiction is often a simple anticipation of events, so to think a little about this future reality that affects us, what better way than to watch good movies that may be closer to reality than we think. I have a short list of movies that got me thinking… and yours? Please leave a comment with the science fiction films that impacted you the most and you think they are very close to the reality of the future.

As always thank you very much for reading me and cheers !

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