Easy Bitcoin Mining With CryptoTab



CyEasy Bitcoin Mining With CryptoTab


How does CryptoTab work?

CyptoTab is either a Chrome Browser add-on or a stand-alone browser that mines cryptocurrency in the background while you go about your daily life. It is free to download! You can also download the App for your phone or Android device which is on the Google store.


What does it mine?

Crypto Tab mines Monero(XMR) then converts them to Bitcoin according to the current exchange rate between Monero and Bitcoin. Basically, you are mining coins as you are browsing the web as per usual, I just run it in the background I only use it for things related to the miner itself but that is my personal choice.

The main feature of browser/add-on is that it is designed as a slightly different Mining Pool system. The system works on affiliates signing up to your network and then you earn for your referrals mining and their referrals down to ten levels.

The Claim

CrptoTab claims that the browser mines 4 times faster than other mining software. It does seem pretty quick but I am not sure that x4 is totally true but then I don't have many people in my pool at the moment. My friend that introduced me to it said he is running around the claimed 4 times but he has about 50 people in his pool at the time of writing this.

Referral system


The referral program is a way of getting more and more people to make referrals to the software. All you need to do is to refer as many people as you can through the referral link you are given. If your referrals use your link and install CryptoTab Browser, both you and your referrals will be rewarded and you will get additional income from their mining activity.

The referral structure allows up to 10 levels of referrals.

Level Earnings 1st Level 15% 2nd Level 10% 3rd Level 5% 4th Level 3% 5th Level 2% 6th Level 1% 7th Level 0.5% 8th Level 0.25% 9th Level 0.125% 10th Level 0.0625%

So the people in your first level are those that signed up through your link and the second level is someone who that person has referred and that person is then your 3rd level and so on.

It is pretty in referral-based businesses companies like Amway use the same structure. This is very different from a Pyramid scheme or a Ponzi. Remember CyptoTab is free.

Are there any other things I have to do?

Yes, you will have to set up a BLOCKCHAIN account but you can do that through the CryptoTab website.

Is this a con?

I have made inquiries and done a google search on CrptoTab and everything seems to check out. I would do an independent search if I were you simply because you can not believe everything you read on the internet.

If you are interested in mining the easy way then I suggest you give it a go.





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