Monday-Mix by manuell

Listen to Monday-Mix by manuell #082 (with free download for offline listening)

By SolarEclipse | Monday-Mix by manuell | 15 Apr 2020

Monday-Mix by manuell #82


Monday-Mix by manuell

Now you can listen to my newest Monday-Mix by manuell #82, live mixed and broadcasted on the 17th of February 2020 from the beautiful island La Gomera to the platform. It's a very calm mix for all electronic music lovers which appreciate different mixes besides the pushy club mixes.



Technical challenges I had with this mix

The last year I have traveled the world. Of course, I didn't have the opportunity to bring all my DJ equipment with me. All I had with me was my notebook with the tractor software installed and a Minirig-Mini sound system. However, I had the opportunity to borrow an X1 controller, headphones and an Audio2 sound card from a friend on the island. With a special midi mapping, I was then able to use the X1 controller as a mixer. The streaming I did with the embedded broadcasting function in Traktor over the mobile phone network. Everything worked better than expected. :)

most minimal setup ever


Free Download-Link for Publish0X Readers!

With the following link, you can download my mix from
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What is Monday-Mix

My “Monday-Mix by manuell” is a live-broadcast with nice Electronica, Dub-Techno, Chillout, spiced up with a lot of Creative Commons music from netlabels and my field recordings.

It started as a technical experiment (Icecast) for myself, became a broadcast for my friends, and ended up until now with 82 shows over 11 years and listeners all over the world.


Who is manuell

I'm a DJ from Zurich, Switzerland. I'm mixing since 1994 and my sound is mostly influenced by Techno, Dub-Techno, and Deep-House.

Aka “manuell maschinell” I mix with up to 4 decks and integrate a Drum-Maschine and/or other machines as live components into my setup.

Previous performances:
Open-Air Nation of Gondwana (Pyonen, Berlin), Schatzalp (Abundzu), Open-Air Vision (Dekadance), Feieralarm (Pyonen, Berlin), About Blank (Berlin), Kater Blau (Berlin), Sisyphos (Berlin), Garbicz (PL), Chaos Communication Congress (Berlin), Inteam (ZH), Cabaret (ZH), MiniMüzikhol (Istanbul), Suma Beach (Istanbul), Chateau des Foux (FR), Friedas Büxe (ZH), Pan-O-Rama (La Gomera), Haus von Klaus (ZH), Kauz (ZH) and many more…

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Monday-Mix by manuell
Monday-Mix by manuell

My “Monday-Mix by manuell” is a live-broadcast with nice Electronica, Dub-Techno and Chillout, spiced up with a lot of Creative Commons music from netlabels and my own field recordings.

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