Brave browser vs Chrome browser. The results are surprising!
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Brave browser vs Chrome browser. The results are surprising!

By MombotTv | MombotTv & Crypto | 25 May 2020

1. What's the Brave browser?


For people who do not yet know what the Brave browser is!

Brave Browser is the new BAT token creator browser. This browser is much faster than others. Has an integrated adblock. It gives us a BAT token per clicking on ads from notifications. Has an integrated Binance exchange. These are just some of the features of this browser. The browser has many more options but I do not write because this is not what this post is about.

2. What are the visible differences between Brave and Chrome?

There are many differences, among others these options as mentioned above and others, e.g. Brave has a dark theme and a built-in cryptocurrency wallet which Chrome does not have.



Brave browser screenshot


3. Performance test between Brave and Chrome.

You are probably wondering how much faster the Brave browser is?

Here are the results:

- Page number 1 loading - 10.3s.
- Page number 2 loading - 4.3s.
- Number of ads per page - a lot!
- Page smoothness - weaker than Brave.


- Page number one loading - 4.2s.
- Page number 2 loading - 3.8s.
- Number of ads per page - 0.
- Page smoothness - very good, definitely better than Chrome.


4. Summary.


Brave is faster than Chrome. It has many more features and has a built-in adblock and dark mode. If you are thinking about choosing Brave and Chrome, I recommend Brave.

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