UPLandslide (Part 4 of series)

By MoJo410 | MoJo410 | 24 May 2021

  Most of what I put up from here on out will pretty much be pretty random, I will try to keep like things together if possible, but I am mostly going off of either things people are asking me or as I am discovering them from experience, so please bare with me.

  You may have realized in your treasure checks that a useful thing to do is to check the history part, there is roughly a 15-30 minutes of time in-between treasures being put out to search for and a 3-5 purple treasures to 1 orange pattern you will also notice. All good things to know because now you can have an idea of what is coming and when, now again I wouldn't get too crazy in trying to time what exactly to search for like waiting for orange instead of going for purple, because regardless you only have under a minute to find the treasure 99% of the time and passing up on something you could have had (no matter how small) for something you don't get is going to annoy you terribly to say the least.

   They have finally tweaked the double press feature in the recent update to work well. Basically how it works is when you double tap the map near your properties it will zoom to them at the ideal spot where you can actually see the properties. Just be aware that this only works when double tapping on a blue bubble (the markers to show properties you own), and if you are so zoomed out that the blue bubble has 2 or more on it (meaning it represents multiple of your properties) it will first zoom in enough to separate the properties, and then if you double tap on the individual property there after it will zoom to the ideal distance. 

  Now that you hunt pretty regularly and have found a pinata or maybe even multiple by now, here's the strategy I employ in them so far. Now yes I know that there are "sweet spots" which are usually smaller parts, and if you do find one remember that it will be flipping and turning soon to throw you off, which is why I like to tap with two hands. Basically both pointer fingers shiatsuing my phone as fast as I possibly can, figured out I can switch pressing with two hands a lot faster then I could trying to use multiple fingers on the same hand. Yes I try to get sweet spots if I can, obviously, but it's not my full focus, because I have found that going for speed for maximum amount of taps on a pinata usually ends up hitting a bunch of sweet spots because of the turning and rotating anyways. Also, note to self, make sure when treasure hunting that no one is around to see you because they may find it disturbing, and I don't mean just the sound, apparently I make a very very odd face when I do it according to my wife lol!

By now I'm going to assume your starting to get into Upland a bit if you have read all my posts and have a good understanding of everything I've talked about thus far in them, so it seems like a good time to address what we're gonna call Big Property Buying or BPB for short here. Basically if your as into the game as I am and are gonna be in to for the long haul then you are or already have started to invest money into the game, and yes it is an invest you're not crazy, properties are just starting to sell for real world currency and at this point the game is a single celebrity endorsement from blowing up. I am eyeing a couple of red and gold properties in almost every city, and am not too far from buying one or hopefully multiple if all works out, and my reasoning is simply the return. Some of those properties have monthly earnings between 50,000-400,000 UPX, which just having one of those would be a game changer because that basically translates to 50-400$ in UPX A MONTH!!!

Well Uplanders that's gonna be all for this episode, please comment if any of this helps or if you have any questions, or just to say hi. It's nice to know when this helps someone out or even that someone takes the time to read it. Also yes, I am purposely using song/movie/show titles on these, figured it makes it a little bit more fun, is all no crazy conspiracy or anything (sorry to disappoint CRAZYUFOYETTIGUY1969). But thanks for reading!

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