Part Duex Of Everything I Wish I Knew About Upland Before I Got Started

By MoJo410 | MoJo410 | 20 May 2021

Let's dive right in and pick up where we left off...I was telling you NOT to collect your bonuses for collections and the 30,000+ bonus UPX (that's 30$+ of it) reason for that is that once every two months, or less, there are "side mission" competitions besides the traditional hunting, one for most sold properties, one for most visited, and in all that I've seen so far there's one for NUMBER OF COLLECTIONS FINISHED, to which yes it only counts if you do it during the event and the people that win this one have had between 9-11 collections done during the events that I've seen so far. Which winning one of these events will more than likely be more than the bonus one gets from having a collection filled (by that I mean that when properties are part of a collection they all get a multiplier bonus to their traditional monthly earnings)

I'd also like to note that when a player hits the 100,000 UPX worth (a value of purchased properties combined with had UPX) mark that FSA properties (that's the really cheap ones you want to be able to get for free fast travel all over a map) they hit a new status can no longer buy FSA properties. The exact limitations I am still unsure of, as in is it a 24 hour period after hitting the mark or is it instantaneous (which one would think it wouldn't be right away otherwise a newbie that puts 100$ would instantly be hindered) but as soon as I hit such status I will definitely fully elaborate for you exactly how it works.

So by now you have minted properties a good distance from each other, I like to try to have one in every neighborhood/district if possible, and are ready to do some hunting. Which yes I know you are aloud to hunt right away (at least for the free treasure that you are aloud to spawn once a every 24 hours from the last free spawn and 50-100 UPX there after) but if you try to do so before you have properties all over a city you will definitely spending way more UPX to find it (when I jumped the gun and hunted too early I'd spend 100-120 UPX to get a treasure that is almost always only 120 UPX, where now I spend 50-60 for that same prize). Also BE AWARE that if you haven't hit Uplander Status that you will not be able to locate the better treasures (you may see there arrows on your search maps but that's what the locks on then mean). And another pro-tip make sure to not go below 500 UPX so you will still be able to hunt for treasures and pinatas (another thing I learned the hard way because I got spend happy buying properties and left myself with nothing to be able to hunt forcing me to put more money into the game to be able to hunt)

So now that you have your properties and are going on hunts things I find that make me successful on them.

1 I turn off other players travelers(yes some people say this be a way to tell where treasures are but I find it too distracting visually as well as when I go to click on a property, and the more graphics the greater a chance for lag especially on a phone) and all animations but turn on the boundary markers so I know exactly where city limits are.

2 it's either a race against time or other people depending on which one you're doing, but really it the same thing, a race, so try to be quick and efficient. Right after I hit the send for my traveler I will hit the backview button so I am back to the are I zoomed into and I like to click a property (preferably the biggest one possible) before my traveler gets there because then I can already be hitting the treasure button and find out the next hint as fast as possible

3 get into the habit of when you get one to hit the treasure button right away (not the one on a property the one that tells you when treasures are active) so you can find out right away if one is, just did and found out I have 1 minutes till it is so be right back...well that was worth it to get a 222UPX pineapple pinata!

4 although it is awesome to get a treasure in riot mode which means it's at least doubled, there are a lot of players also hunting, which you will start to see certain times of day more people are hunting and I personally like to check at times people normally aren't on like really early in the morning or late at night, but it differs quite a bit

5 yes it is a race but don't go with the first property you click on (unless it's only a 10 UPX send take those all day) but definitely avoid anything above 20 because there is pretty much always a neighboring property that is at 20 or less you can find. I will usually go three for three properties as my limit at which point which ever is at 20 or less I go with, because the less you spend the more you'll have if you get the treasure but you also gotta make sure you get the treasure.

6 lastly don't get disappointed or discouraged. No one gets all the treasures they hunt for, so be ready for it to not work at times (why I especially like the 500UPX minimum balance is because it leaves me a 3-4 hunt failure cushion)

That's the end of this edition, if you have questions, or think there's something I missed or you'd like to know about or just want to shout out please do, I find the comments to be both fun and encouraging, and whatever is there will definitely be addressed in the next post, I'm not John Haymond, but that's my promise (that's a funny joke if you have seen any of his commercials)!

So ladies and gentlemen! Get your travelers and...LETS GET READY FOR HUNTING!



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