This Crypto Project Pays You to Share Your Food Receipts With Them

This Crypto Project Pays You to Share Your Food Receipts With Them

By Moey Arman | Moey's Special Articles | 27 Nov 2019

To increase the decentralized population, Instars has introduced an easy way for its users to earn free cryptocurrency. Instars will now be paying its users for sharing their food receipts with them!

Instars are identifying and removing any hurdle towards blockchain adoption. With its latest feature, joining the blockchain ecosystem will be quickly done in less than 10 minutes.

The platform recently debuted its Paid Experiences feature on their platform. The service guides the user through a simple process which ends up with users earning more INSTAR. The process involves users uploading valid receipts on the platform. Once a receipt is accepted, the user is debited with INSTAR.


Preventing Feature Abuse

Paid Experiences may attract those who would want to exploit the rewarding feature of Instars. Therefore, Instars has placed some guidelines concerning to limit abuse of the feature.

The rewards offered are limited to only three receipt uploads per user per day. Further, the receipts can only be accepted if they meet the threshold set by the Instars team. The limits set for accepting a submitted receipt is to ensure that receipts submitted on the platform are genuine.

Receipts can only be submitted via capturing using a camera. No uploads can be done from the device gallery. This is also to prevent fraudulent or doctored receipts from being sent.

Instars still maintain privacy, even while using its latest features. However, to remain even safer while using Paid Experience, users can capture only the required details from the receipt while leaving any other information out.

The set guidelines allow Instars to achieve what is envisioned with the Paid Experiences feature.

Advancing Blockchain Adoption

Instars’ latest feature is bridging the gap between blockchain and everyday life. Paid Experiences, users are going to engage more with the world outside decentralization. The engagement itself will be a source of advertising for blockchain and its related products.

Paid Experiences by Instars is a perfect fit for the current generation. As people upload their “insta-worthy” meals, they also have the chance to earn some extra tokens by uploading the receipts of their meals.

Instars make its feature all-inclusive through its various receipt categories. Apart from accepting all types of food receipts, Instars also allows travel receipts among other non-food categories.


Instars is making itself as relevant as possible to its target market. From shopping to daily commutes, Instars wants to attract as many people as it can to its platform and the blockchain ecosystem.

This can also be seen with its other features.

Instars reward its users for joining the platform, participating in activities within the platform such as polls and surveys, referring people and through promotions. These are all simple ways to earn cryptocurrency, which then acts as a gateway to trading in cryptocurrency exchanges.

Moreover, Instars also has a learning labs program where their users can learn about the blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrencies.

Running Promotions


Source: Twitter

Currently, Instars is running a promotion on their Paid Experience feature. By merely capturing receipts, users stand a chance to win various prizes.

Because Paid Experiences is still new, users who quickly and consistently use the feature may be among those receiving the prizes.

With this promotion, Instars users will likely take note of the feature and try it out. Once rewards start streaming in, usage of Paid Experiences will increase daily.  

Paid Experience Survey

Instars are always seeking to improve their service and keep users satisfied. Because of this, Instars wants to get feedback on the Paid Experience survey.


For Instar users, this is going to be a double reward. By merely using the service, one is rewarded INSTAR tokens if the submission meets the set guidelines. By reviewing your experience of the Paid Experience services, one is also rewarded with INSTAR tokens.

Furthermore, if you are residents of the UK, Philippines, Brazil and London, check out Instars for region-specific awards and prizes.


The Instars team is working tirelessly to ensure that it is among the best examples of blockchain adoption done right. By coming up with a feature that provides daily user engagement, Instars has proved that blockchain can be adopted for everyday use. With more features in store, platforms should borrow a leaf or two from the Instars team to encourage blockchain adoption. Meanwhile, users can enjoy their meals and earn cryptocurrencies while at it.

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