Rollercoin - Is It Worth It ? $0.30 A Week

By By sea and land | Modern living | 2 Mar 2022

Rollercoin - Is It Worth It ?



I joined rollercoin 5 weeks ago. I brought two of the cheapest miners and have been given more free ones. I only play games. In 5 week I have made just 3556 Satochi it is currently worth just $1.54

That works out to be about $0.30 a week far less than a lot of faucets or other sites. I joined about 3 weeks ago and have already earnt $0.96 so it is very similar in earning potential. At the rate of $0.30 that would be $15.60 per year. Even if btc rose by 100 % it would only be $32.20. 


I do expect to receive further free miners so the amount that I earn is likekly to increase slightly.

Is it really worth it ?

Probaly not in the short term possibly in the long term. I do not spend that spend that much time on rollercoin or other faucets but, even if I did spend a lot of time on rollercoin I would not expect to be able to earn any more than $1.20 a week. I have read about people earning good amounts on rollercoin but, I assume they made a significant investment in the first place.

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