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By By sea and land | Modern living | 21 Dec 2021



I was first offered btc for pay to click sites many years ago. But, after lossing all my egold I decided to choose fiet to cash out. Biggest regret I ever made. 

It was not until 2017 that I decided to buy some btc. At the time I considered it to be overpriced and a speculative investment.

I have seen it rise and fall and use to check the value multiple time thought-out the say it was a bit like an addiction. When it reached ath I was very tempted to cash out and many times I wish I did. But, due the fact it has always risen despite hitting lows I have learnt to be patient. So unless it drops below $6896 I will not have lost anything. 

My sole aim with cypto is financial stability so I can travel and sail more. 


So each time you see a huge drop just forget about it for a few months or years and it will likely be higher than what you paid for it. 

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By sea and land
By sea and land

Normal person who loves linguistics and travel. I have a passion for sailing and being on the water. I love to travel overland or by sea. I have been making money online since 2005.

Modern living
Modern living

Living and travelling in the modern world.

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