autofaucet.dutchycorp x 3 Rewards

By By sea and land | Modern living | 26 Mar 2022



I am sure the majority of members on here who are into faucets are already a member of 


but, if not today is a great day to join as they are paying 3 x the amount on their Roll rewards. I get paid every few days direct to my paper wallet. 


Autofaucet.dutchycorp is one of my favourite faucets. I was not able to add my wallet adress due to nor receiving à confirmation email. So I decided to contact support and to my surprise 😲 they responded and resolved the issue within an hour. Either the admins are very active or they did not have much todo. But, either way it is a great faucet with a great team. Hup hup Holland 

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By sea and land
By sea and land

Normal person who loves linguistics and travel. I have a passion for sailing and being on the water. I love to travel overland or by sea.

Modern living
Modern living

Living and travelling in the modern world.

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