$50 Sign-up Bonus Ends November 1st $50 Sign-up Bonus Ends November 1st

Mobile cryptocurrency debit card, exchange, and passive-income platform announced that they will be reducing the amount of crypto that new users receive when signing up with a referral link. BG50 Referral Program

Their BG50 (Both-Get 50) Referral Program is a program in which the user sharing their referral link and the person who uses the link both get $50 worth of Coin for free when the referred user signs up.

Starting November 1st, this bonus will be halved, with only $25 going to both users.

New users can visit and enter the referral code "n7nhuuru5z" to earn their free $50 before the promotion ends. Crypto Debit Card and Mobile App

What is

I'm sure if you search this up you'll find the same cut-and-paste answers, so I'll just show you my two favorite aspects of the app. Earn

Personally, I like to take the investing strategy of set it and forget it.

I use Earn, similar to staking or a savings account, to ensure my investment grows over time while I focus on new projects.

Here are the current Crypto Earn Rates, as of October 12th, 2020. Earn Rates

Note: "Up To" indicates a maximum rate, which entails staking the crypto and Coins for a 3-month period. See the app for other rates, including a 1-month lockup and no-lockup/flexible staking. Cards Crypto Debit Cards: Ruby Steel, Royal Indigo, Rose Gold, Obsidian, Icy White, Jade Green, and Midnight Blue

From Left to Right: Ruby Steel, Royal Indigo, Rose Gold, Obsidian, Icy White, Jade Green, and Midnight Blue

In the new financial paradigm I want to be able to both save and spend my crypto—

Enter Debit Cards

All cards are metal except the Midnight Blue debit card, which is PVC and requires no Coin (CRO) to be locked-up for a period.

Below is a list of benefits associated with each card, along with the amount of CRO required. Crypto Debit Card Benefits

See the full chart here.


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Mobile Crypto: Store, Stake, and Spend

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