🔴$SAMO to $6 if it pulls a $SHIB !!! 80x meme coin

By omomohoho | Mo Crypto. Mo Problems. | 26 Oct 2021

Ayeeee!! This is getting a little crazy. Maybe cause it's a dog season or something I don't even know. Another $SAMO video updating on a few things including the market cap that just doubled in less than 2 days!!! (Goosebumps just typing that #lol)

In this video I pulled some info comparing this hot dog, $SAMO to the dog coin bros like $DOGE and $SHIB if it's better or worse in anyways. Along with comparing its market cap to a few top #memecoins in the Crypto space currently. If $SAMO actually get to $SHIB or $SPELL market cap, how high will it goes in price. It's interesting to see!

Lastly, I show you the chart of $SAMO in general so you can have it as a reference for your decision making in investing in this cute dog coin or not. Either you like it or not, a few memecoins are here to stay, imo.


On my last video, I have covered Samoyed coin on Solana, what's good about it, how it's related to Sam Bankman Fried, How to earn more $SAMO with your samoyedcoin. Check it out here: https://youtu.be/7jtr3-rNhO4

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Mo Crypto. Mo Problems.
Mo Crypto. Mo Problems.

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