Bob's Story Of Success

The Michaelson Effect: Bob's Story Of Success

Take pride in what you've built and people will almost always speak about you in the highest regard. Pay close attention to the words and tone that Bob Hoover uses as he talks about his experience working with me. I am extremely proud to listen too, and read the words of other people as they talk about me or any of my brands. This shows me that I am doing the right thing in regards to how I treat other people. Good Karma always comes back to me, because in my life I have tried to do my best to give as much good karma out to others. Please enjoy Bob's story and then go listen to or read other stories like his in the links below.

The Michaelson Effect: Bob's Story


At 55 years old, knowing that my dad passed away at the age of 54, I made a determination that I was going to get myself into shape and lose some weight. Those were my exact goals! Having grown up tall and thin, I never dreamed I would ever have to try to lose weight, let alone be considered “obese” by the standard “height & weight” charts! Unfortunately, over the last 15 years or so I put on 35 to 40 extra pounds...mostly in my stomach area. With a very busy personal and business schedule including 50% out of town travel, I knew I needed some help to get started, but had no idea where or to whom to go. I knew I would not get what I needed by going to the local gym and running on the treadmill or other cardio machines.

I first heard about Michaelson Williams from my wife, who managed a Little Caesars pizza restaurant, located next to the fitness center where Michaelson worked a few years earlier. So I went to visit Michaelson at I’m Core Fit for an introductory work out. After that I was ready to get started, and was serious about getting back in shape. That first day I could barely do a single push-up! I signed up for half hour sessions 3 days a week ...and boy were some of those early sessions BRUTAL! It took every bit of effort I could muster up to push through...but I was determined! I would never have continued on had I not had a financial commitment (paid in advance) and been so determined to succeed with my goals.

Fortunately, I stuck it out and with Michaelson’s constant encouragement, insistence and ‘hard love’ he pushed me through the initial stage and kept me coming back each time for another “whipping”. As I progressed, I could steadily feel myself getting stronger. My first unanticipated accomplishment was the fact that I started getting up earlier in the morning ready to go...because I was getting a better night’s sleep!

Next Michaelson started his ‘boot camps’ three days a week, which meant that I was now working out 6 days a week (when I was in town). A main emphasis of the camp was on losing weight by eating properly in combination with the workouts. So I started an entirely new lifestyle in eating. It was at this stage that I started shedding pounds. Over the course of about 12 weeks I lost 30 pounds...while at the same time gaining muscle mass. It has been over 5 months and I have maintained my new weight, and have no plans on going back where I was!

Michaelson has the type of personality that keeps you engaged, and causes you to push yourself harder to reach beyond your known or planned limits. Michaelson gave me a compliment the other day that really meant a lot to me. He asked me how old I was... “Are you 51?” I responded with the correct age of 55. He proceeded to inform me that I was holding my own against some of his clients that were 10, 15, and even some 20 years younger! That meant a lot to me! Thanks to my determination and Michaelson’s training and encouragement my body feels better, and stronger than I can ever remember it feeling!

Regards, Bob Hoover, Vice President Little Caesars


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