The man in the rocks

By Paradise15 | mistery stories | 26 Jul 2021


The reflection of the moon shines over the sea. Everyone dances, sings and laughs around the bonfires on the beach...


At a distant point, near some rocks, I see a Boy who seems quite agitated. It seems that his breathing is fast and he keeps passing his hands over his face. Worried about her condition I approach her to offer her help.

-          Sorry, are you okay?

-          It has sunk-says altered

-          That it has sunk?

-          The ship, it was there-indicates a distant point with his finger-and suddenly it has sunk.

Frightened I call for emergencies and in a few minutes a wave of people piles up on the rocks.

After nearly an hour of waiting, we see the police pulling bodies out of the water, at least five. As far as I can hear, they have been dead for at least five days.

As I approach, I can see how one of the corpses is familiar to me, it was the boy I had talked to on the rocks. 

Nervously I start looking for him with my eyes and see him at the end of the beach. He's soaked and his clothes are shattered, he has a gloomy smile and now it's me that he's pointing his finger at...



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I am a girl, i like to write short stories...

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