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By im jay | mist_tech | 12 May 2022

In the tech era mostly smartphone era, the companies producing phones are tilting Focus of the Customer from Something Important to Something Nonsense

From a phone launch Event to Reviews on YouTube, Each and everyone who touches the phone talks about how good and bad the specifications of a phone And how good and bad the specifications are compared to one another .

But no one Sincerely and Seriously talks or even touches about how good the phone's privacy is.

If you are with my words, follow for more news and updates related to this topic .

Do you know how many unwanted apps  companies are pre-installing before we(customers) get the phone ! And most importantly how many of you knew what is(are) the purpose(s) of those apps? or atleast what are they doing with our without your permission?

almost no one

I'll share more important details on upcoming posts in this blog , follow and comment for suggesting and to know.

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