Is the new stream website Dlive gonna take over Twitch ?

Is the new stream website Dlive gonna take over Twitch ?

By missbirdy | missbirdy | 12 Apr 2019

 Not long ago, there this new stream website called Dlive showed up from nowhere, and youtuber who has most subscribers Pewdiepie is supporting this streaming website all the way, and the logo for their website is called "Live Stream on Blockchain", apparently this streaming website is trying to bring cryptocurrency into more people's attention.



 Diffrently from Twitch and Youtube, Dlive doesn't take any cuts of what you make,this website is to empower creators and viewers, basically everyone is earning while they chatting, streaming, and gifting .

More details , please go to their welcome letter page:


They have their own currenty is called Lino points, 88 points equal to $1.53, so basically each Lino points is $0.017.


 In 2 days, Pewdiepie is gonna randomly donate up to max of $50k to a max of 100 streamers on April 14th at 10 am PDT.

 So what are you waiting for , jump on the bandwagon and sign up now!

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