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A lighthearted look at the downsides of weight loss

By X-51 | Miscellaneous Debris | 21 Jul 2020

My current weight loss journey began back in 2017. At the end of 2016 I was 110kg, and somewhere over 25% body fat (possibly over 30% 😳). Sometime previous I had been close to 120kgs but can't remember exactly when. I'm surprised I went down from that point considering fried chicken was a meal for me at least 3 days a week, and sometimes up to 5. Nobody would have guessed my weight as that much though, somehow I always held my weight reasonably well.

Eventually I got my butt into gear and started walking more, and was able to drop about 10kg from March to September of 2017. I still would not have called myself healthy by any measure though.

After that I kind of fell off the wagon for weighing myself so don't have a regular record (but that is ok, my weight loss continued successfully without knowing the numbers). Last weigh-in (just over a year ago) I was 91kgs, and I have visibly lost more body fat since - I am now somewhere around 16% body fat (my goal is around 12%).


Now, everyone would have heard about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and being thin - more energy, less chance of falling over dead some day soon, more attractive to the opposite sex, etc. etc. blah blah blah, so on and so forth. So I'm not going to rehash the good stuff. But there are definitely some downsides I found too.....


Winter is not your friend anymore

Dog in a blanket

You lose that layer of blubber, and all of a sudden the summers are not so hot (yay!), but winter is definitely colder 🥶!

I've always been a pretty cold-resistant person even before I got fat, but I caught myself the other night with a light blanket on me when I woke up.... That was completely unheard of just a few of years ago when I couldn't even handle a sheet in summer.



You haven't got a thing to wear!

Empty clothes hangars

Sure you could keep wearing your old clothes, if you like the idea of wearing a damn tent around.

Wearing my favourite tshirt looked like I was a kid in an adult's football jersey. I had dropped from an XL, sometimes XXL, in shirts down to a medium, and now contemplating small sometimes.

So I had the expense and frustration of replacing the vast majority of my wardrobe, and giving away the old clothes. I still haven't replaced most of my pants, I just have an unhealthy relationship with two of my belts now 😅



You feel like a derpy teenager again

Dog with tongue hanging out

Your body has been broken for so damn long and you got used to it, but now you give it room to fix itself, so of course it is gonna do some funky weird stuff along the way.

Hormones rebalance, especially with dietary changes. Moods can go a bit loopy sometimes while you are figuring it all out. And if you are like me you get the "fun" of a second round of teenage-like acne 😒

For a while there it felt like I was 16 again.... I swear there have even been some un-growing pains along the way too!



Alien in your own skin

Monkey looking in a mirror

Gone is the familiar rub of your inner thighs as you walk. Your skin stops feeling like it is yours, even though you can still feel it is. You become (sometimes painfully) aware that your knees and elbows actually have bones in them. Your whole perception of what it means to feel your body going about its day-to-day tasks changes. You see a mirror and have to double-take to make sure it is really a mirror.

You even get distracted by your own body (no, I'm not talking about sexy stuff, get your damn mind out of the gutter!). The number of times I catch myself running a finger over the veins sticking out on my forearms is kinda stupid - they didn't "exist" for so long that they are an alien part of my own body. And collar bones!!! Where did the collar bones come from??? I swear they weren't there a year ago.

I'm also being forced to re-learn how to sleep, because one of my favourite sleep positions now involves feeling like my knees are being ground together since I lost the buffer of fat that held them apart!



The youthful glow of good health is a curse in disguise!

Baby chewing on a wooden block

This one might just be me, I don't know.

I've always looked younger than my age, usually getting guessed 5 or so years younger even when I was fat, and that is not so bad - the compliments are nice, and 5 years younger is not a bad look in my opinion.

But now people guess me as 10-15 years younger, and I don't think anybody grasps just how much it sucks! I go out, meet some beautiful woman in her late 20's or early 30's, have some obvious chemistry going on, then when she hears I'm over 40 my chances go from pretty good to non-existent 😢

The burden of false youth is a heavy one 😅



All of a sudden you are not you anymore

Blank name tag

And finally, one for the crypto-crowd - your ID could stop being valid for KYC because you don't look like yourself 😩

My Ukrainian ID card from last year has the photo stretched, and my face looks the same width as it was in my 5 year old Australian ID 😂

Thankfully my passport was due for expiry last year so I got new photos, but even 18 month old photos are still not-quite-me-looking! Gone now is my double-chin, the chubbier cheeks that made my face look more round than long, so KYC can be a pain in the butt.

Coinbase took me almost 2 weeks, and Kucoin just didn't happen at all.



So there you go, the other side of getting healthy! Don't get me wrong, I definitely wouldn't change the fact that I am healthy and skinny now, but there are some problems that come along with it that people might not always realize!

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