Odysee: A whole universe of videos from regular people just like you!

Today I want to talk about a platform called Odysee.

Odysee is a YouTube - like video hosting platform which was launched at the end of 2020 following a beta version that went live in september.

Odysee runs on open-source software driven by public developers, it is a blockchain protocol so everything is decentralized and not governed by no authority.

It is a platform where everyone can make a channel and upload their own vidoes. It is for everyone and you can earn Lbry tokens (LBC) for your content and even for being a user as I am.

I joined LBRY platform two year ago and I earned a good amount of Lbry tokens just for watching content and doing simple things. Then they changed the platform to Odysee, and we were able to log in using the LBRY site credentials. You can still earn Lbry for watching and for some other tasks like following or being followed but it doesn't make you earn as much as before also because the value of Lbry went a lot down with the dip of crypto.


The content creators also earn in Lbry (LBC) as there is 3 ways for monetisation in Odysee. They can earn per view, tips directly from users or direct donations and the final way is through promotions but this is not available until now.


Odysee is very similar to YouTube, you can put a like, drop a comment with the difference that you can earn in crypto and no ads existing until now. So you enjoy a peaceful time without interruptions.


The earned Lbry tokens (LBC) are placed in the built-in wallet in Odysee and you can withdraw them to your own wallet like coinomi and they can be exchanged to other cryptos like Bitcoin, Bitcoincash or any other crypto through some exchanges like BittrexGlobal or coinex.com.



Everything in Odysee is organized, you can find the tags like music, news, finance and many more, the most popular videos are on top. It has a very friendly user interface, you won't have problems navigating through the site.

So if you are interested you can register to Odysee using my referral link below:



Thanks for reading ❤️


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