The NFT game with the best graphics! And 100% online...

The first NFT game I played (and still do...)

Hello everyone, I introduce myself... I'm Mask69 and this is my first blog post! (this is a repost, I translated the original article... That was in spanish) I am delighted to be part of the publish0x community. In fact, I want to convey my happiness and good vibes with this first post.

I have so many things to tell you... despite having entered the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs very recently... The reason why I start with this publication is the following; I wanted to get into the world of NFT games as a friend of mine is developing an NFT game. I've been wanting to start an NFT game for a few months now, and a few weeks ago I decided on one of them.

Mir4, the first NFT game I tried!

First of all, remember what it takes to play an NFT game;

- Know the mechanics of the game and everything related to it; I am referring to the economy of a game, reviewing the whitelist to see the short and medium term goals (even long term even), understanding that there is a market around the game, etc.

- Possess the cryptocurrencies and/or NFTs that are required to start playing; despite the fact that some games, especially free-to-play ones, do not require anything more than time to play... Most NFT games are only playable if you have a specific NFT (of a specific rarity or characteristics) , a "team" of NFTs (such as the case of Axie Infinity), or some specific cryptocurrencies. Of course, you will not get rid of the network commissions... So keep in mind that you will have to pay to buy the necessary NFT/s and cryptocurrencies for each game!

- Give a vote of confidence; It's obvious... No one would enter a game if they suspected that it was about to go into decline, or that it was a fraud! To keep up to date with the news and news related to a specific NFT game you should continually check the whitelist for changes, visit its official website, be connected to its social networks (developers and the technical team are usually more active on Discord and Twitter, as I have been able to observe in the last month).

- Have the right device; There are NFT games that are specially designed for Android or Apple mobiles, but these games are not usually downloaded through official stores. Many times there are NFT games that are only playable through a simple interface on their own website, where you will have to connect your digital cryptocurrency wallet to pay commissions, and be able to receive profits if you have them. I recommend Metamask, remember that with your own digital wallet or wallet you are the owner of the cryptocurrencies.


I'm pretty sure you have what you need with that, but if I realize something to add... I'll edit this post. Next, I am going to comment very briefly on the best free NFT game today.

In it you can get NFTs, and also Draco (the cryptocurrency of the game).

It's about Mir4, and in my opinion it's a fun game and earning money is the least of it. Mir4 is an NFT game in which you can explore a vast open world, fight against fantastic creatures, defeat players or lose against them, form a clan or join a clan, take part in massive events... And much more! ! I came in to find out if you could easily earn Draco (the in-game cryptocurrency, which you get by converting Darksteel), and I actually stayed for the fun of it. I've formed a clan, recruited powerful players, leveled up all three of my characters to a decent level, and best of all, I still have a lot to do. It's a MMROPG; open world game, very hack-n'-slash... As a pisitive point I would highlight the automatic mode, which makes progress a lot easier. And as a negative point to highlight; the servers are literally full of players, and sometimes there is a queue to get into the same game.

For this first post I didn't plan to get involved much... And that's why I'm leaving it here, since Mir4's NFT game offers a lot of itself (I could talk about it in many different posts, and even so, I'd still have things to comment...). The game is available for PC and mid-range mobile phones. If you have questions, ask, that's what I'm here for, I hope I've been able to contribute something of value to this publish0x community. I leave you some links below, among them my ambassador link and a Playlist of my YouTube channel (where I upload Mir4 content).

New logo...

- My ambassador link;

- Link to my profile;

- Link to my first publication in;

- Link to the Blog in which I include this publication;

My tralala, my ding ding dooooong.

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Escribo en CASTELLANO (spanish) y en inglés (ENGLISH is my third language). Cada día soy otra versión de mi mismo, intento superarme. Entré en el mundo de las criptomonedas y los NFTs el 2021. ¡Soy Mask69... También en Youtube!

Mis objetivos de futuro (crypto, NFTs...)
Mis objetivos de futuro (crypto, NFTs...)

En este blog voy a resumir, de la mejor forma que pueda, los diferentes objetivos que me he planteado para este año 2021 y el año 2022. Hablaré de criptomonedas, NFTs, acciones de bolsa, el metaverso, etc. Voy a centrarme en todo lo que haga referencia al metaverso...

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