Here I am.

By ylunawat | Mirror2thought | 15 Mar 2022

Here I am.

A man and women holding hands captioned


Here I am, or I am just a call away ,

Message me whenever you need me .

These phrases are mores often used as phrases only

And people ,

They tend to leave , whenever you need them

They pretend to be busy ,when you call them

To Those People,

listen ,

Someone has trusted you whole heartedly

Someone has faith in you being there for them

Someone is relived because they think , because having you as their support system

Someone is relaxed to know, they have a shoulder to lean on

May be someone is living with belief of your presence

Don’t, I request don’t,

Don’t break them ,

Don’t excuse them.

If you can’t be there just don’t promise them

It Hurts them to the core,

It breaks them even harder.

Harder to believe in anyone all again ,

Harder to believe in goodness of bondings,

Harder to believe that people do actually come in their need .


-Jyoti Bothra

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This blog is a mirror to my thoughts, I always wish life to be good for all and everyone.

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