Do You know the Secret of today’s life..?

By ylunawat | Mirror2thought | 16 Mar 2022



It takes courage to face the fact that you’re mortal. It sends a chill through people’s spine to even talk about death. Ofcourse they know it intellectually that they are here for a brief period but does their life really represent this ?

No. Because if someone really knows (not intellectually) that this life is so vulnerable ,that everybody ( without COVID 19 ) thousands or even lakhs of people die . Then do we really think we would pick up a fight with someone , self sabotage ourselves , procrastinate or hurt someone or hold on grudges.

No,we won’t . We would then learn to walk gracefully , being for kind and humble . I’m reminding myself every possible time that life is too short to be tensed , impatient and to hold on grudges .

The Buddha says ” the trouble is you think you have time”

Especially at this time when world is so uncertain , people being rude , impatient, even inhuman and what not . Well with due respect I am including myself in the people I am referring over here because I am not the perfect one neither one who is less sarcastic or rude with others so many times .But than if you don’t accept the imperfections you can never be the better version of yourself.

You never know how long you are with someone

So don’t waste it arguing , complaining , comparing or critising

Don’t let your last words to someone be words you don’t mean . Don’t let your last shared emotions be hatred or anger because you never know when your last time wil be your last ever.

Stop complaining and start appreciating all the little things around you and try to end things at good note . World is too huge for the gratitude and when you express positive vibes you can feel that sense on calmness to the inner core of the soul ,gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions

it will make your soul happy and mind calm and composed.

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