Withdrawn my first payment from Publish0x!

By Mireane | Mirea - Crypto Corner | 18 Aug 2020

It is always in our FIRST TIMES that mean a huge deal to us. To all my fellow Publish0x users (first time users or long-term users), I am here to share with you my ongoing journey as I receive my payment by Atomic Wallet. 

Follow everything. 

Before I tell you the main reason why I have written this article, it is important for me to mention that I have read and followed every instruction for withdrawing properly. As we all know, we have to raise our earnings to a certain amount (this amount varies per cryptocurrency but should be equivalent to $1). 

Last Sunday, 16th of August 2020, I was able to raise my ETH earnings to a dollar finally so I wanted to withdraw it into my Ethereum Address. 


Once I finished setting my wallet up and agreed to all necessary details, I received an email saying that my withdrawal request was received. In the email, it was indicated that the Publish0x team processes all payments on Monday and that I will be paid on the first Monday after the payment has been approved. 

Yesterday, 17th of August 2020, I received a new email saying that my payment request was approved and that another email will be delivered soon that will show my payment details. The said email arrived today confirming that Publish0x has sent my ETH earnings. As such, my payment history has also been reflected on my Publish0x account:


As any other human being, I would have easily assumed that the status history seen above means that I will finally see my ETH wallet have something in it. To my surprise, there's nothing!

1e51e83fd251af671f9c50605940df1f33970382ee8614a2bc9536d4e77966a4.pngNow's the part where I explain my intention in making this article: If this happened (or will happen) to you as well, do not panic. Trust me, I'm already in this situation and I think I was able to control it somehow without crying for help on a support service. 

So, what did I do?

Publish0x has always been transparent on its transactions (and for that, thank you!) so I found it easy to track where my crypto is. The photo attached below simply means to tell that the Publish0x team has already paid the batch of users who requested for withdrawal (of which I am included in). 

e394fa273a85f0c658bbb909b31375d5561a7d3eb5ed15e49a7780be7b239d13.jpegBut this didn't answer the question of why the crypto isn't in my wallet yet. Luckily, I found the article of my answers. 

Your funds are not stored in the wallet itself, they are stored safely on the blockchain. Atomic Wallet connects directly to the blockchain nodes and displays this information (balances, history of transactions, etc.) in the wallet interface. The fact that you don’t see your balance in the wallet doesn’t mean your funds are lost.

I have assured myself that my balance had appeared in the block explorer (If you don't know how to, here's the link). In the said article, it enumerated some tips that could help me: 

  • Make sure that my atomic wallet is in its latest version. It is.
  • Reload the wallet. This is the first option any person will do, actually. I also refreshed the wallet several times already.
  • Check your Anti-Virus, Firewall, Anti-Malware. No problems here. 
  • Check the Internet connection. My internet is pretty stable though. 

The last tip I read was to try using a VPN. You can read about its importance here. And when I did, bingo!

381122e9a53b108d3d131fc53da3de20f501011c0e3c6500a3c0ec319a52e180.jpegFrom reading the article I mentioned, I realized that it is indeed important to use a VPN for security and connection reasons. I have only been using Atomic Wallet recently so I wasn't able to come up with this solution earlier. Atomic Wallet Support clearly assures its users that funds are safe on the blockchain. Moreover, the fact that we don't see them in our wallet means that there are difficulties with connection to the block explorer. 

One dumb thing I did was to turn off my VPN because I thought that my funds will still show afterwards. Unfortunately, it did not. It reverted back to zero. However, it reappeared again when I turned the VPN back on.

To conclude, VPN was the answer to my problem. I think it will take me days for my funds to appear on my wallet without a need for VPN but that's fine for me. I plan to HODL them anyway. 

[SAME DAY UPDATE: NO NEED TO WAIT FOR DAYS. I can now see my funds on my wallet!]

My Crypto journey is still far from being over. I hope this article can help people in the future in case they experience the same problem I did. Thank you so much for reading! 


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