What happens next? A month after using Brave Browser.

By Mireane | Mirea - Crypto Corner | 7 Aug 2020

For those who are not yet aware, Brave Browser is a safe haven for us and our internet activity. Not only was I able to watch YouTube ad-free, but I also had noticed how most websites looked neater and sophisticated. If you don't have Brave yet, you can use this link to download and install.

Of course, I had my Brave Rewards turned on for that extra BAT. However, this is where things get confusing. 

If I'm not mistaken, I have downloaded and installed Brave Browser last July 6, 2020.


The picture above was screen-capped last July 28, 2020. For viewing 116 ads, I was able to gain 5.8 BAT. I found it cool being it my first time in all this "reward" thing. It showed that my next payment date would have been on August 6, 2020. 

But that was yesterday. And here's what it showed yesterday:


Although the BAT I was able to collect after a month wasn't restarted back to 0, my next payment date was moved to September 6, 2020! I was, of course, shocked. I have linked my Uphold wallet but why didn't it reflect? Did I do something wrong? Who do I ask for help? My first assumption was that it might've taken a bit of time for my BAT to reflect so I waited for a day. Well, no luck. Here's my August 7 update: 


Still have 12.30 BAT as pending. I'd also like to point out how, despite using Brave Browser the whole day, I was only offered to view one ad today. I'm not sure if this is normal now because it's different from what I experience daily the past month. I guess I'll wait for more days to come.

Being my first time and all, I figured that some other people may have experienced the same thing as well so my last hope was to try and research about it. And here's the good news: Brave Support had posted an update! If you have the same problem as I do, you can read about their explanation on this link:

It turns out that the payments are still being processed and in my situation, the BAT I have gathered last month will indeed reflect this September. So there we go, problem solved! 

With that said, I still have no regrets in using Brave and I will continue to do so in the coming months. That's a lot of BAT for an ad and it's extremely worth it because that's extra income. Also, I'm thankful to have discovered Brave's community today and I have realized that their support team is active enough to give daily updates.

Thanks for reading!

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