Not yet playing FG? Here's what might change your mind.

By Mireane | Mirea - Crypto Corner | 5 Aug 2020

I'm on Day 27 of playing FocusGames and I can proudly say that I have done it. Here's my very first TRX after I have traded 72,000 worth of FGN last week.


And that's my only first attempt into trading my FGN. So, how was I able to do it and why should you do it?

I have prepared a simple process chart you should follow:

b0a12b5212307a8d9c6960f8acf79ff919f794fedfc2040b482451d452850f96.jpeg Simple, isn't it? Honestly, that's how easy it is to earn from Focus Games! On your early days into the site, everything may seem to be tasky and time-consuming but your experience will just get better and better the next day. I have already elaborated on what FocusGames offers in this article so this time I will show you my stats after 27 days of playing. 

b5e8c6db3473fa90a0668e9fec09939b5d9e00fd2af1dd1c03ab6576b2b964ed.jpegI'm currently in Level 198 but what good does this do? For one, I can withdraw up to 24,800 FGN per day. Increasing your level lets you increase your amount by 100 FGN until your maximum reaches to 50,000 FGN. Another advantage of having this level is that it gets me higher rewards in FG's faucet. 

With that said, I make it my goal to withdraw at least 20,000 FGN everyday, gather a plenty in my Tronlink wallet, and then trade it into TRX on Polonidex when the time is right. 

Below is TRON's chart for the last month for reference: 


I have a feeling that TRX price will increase further so I'm still in the process of doing observations. Nevertheless, I can say that I have completely tried and tested this site and it was definitely worth the experience. I have reached a pretty good level in which I can collect thousands of FGN (with some luck) and just repeat the process.

In the end, you are the one who will make decisions. If my article has been informative to you, you can help me a lot by giving a tip. If you want to give FocusGames a try, here is my affiliate link. Thank you so much for reading!



What else am I trying? 

  • Satoshi Hero - First review here
  • Cointiply - Review has yet to be made (but I'm loving it)
  • RollerCoin - Review has yet to be made (just on my 13th day; still trying to gain a good amount of crypto)

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