Have time to spend everyday? Here's your jump start to FocusGames (as of July 2020)!

By Mireane | Mirea - Crypto Corner | 19 Jul 2020

If you have time to spare, why not use it to earn free cryptocurrency? FocusGames might be your best answer to that! FocusGames has their own currency: FocusToken and you can use these FGN to trade them into other currencies!

As of July 2020, here's a list of things you can do in FocusGames:

Play Games

Currently, there are three games you can play. For me, they are rewarding enough for you to earn as long as you exert some effort.

Mr Sloth (Slotmachine)


Depending on your level, you can choose what amount you'd want to bet. If you click the icon of the FGN currency above the game, you can change what currency you'll be betting with. By default, you'd be betting with your FocusToken but you can change it to either your Account Experience or Offerwall FGBUX. You'll need to play this game everyday because it's one of the daily tasks.

Sir William (Wheel of Wealth)


Again, this is also part of the daily tasks you must do in order to complete your Daily Bonus (which will be explained later on). Like in Slotmachine, you can change the currency you will be betting on. You can either bet by using your FocusToken, your Account Experience, or the Offerwall FGBUX. 

Duke Rambo (Dice Battle)


It may look complex but it's somehow simple once you understand the basics of the game. You have to bet a certain amount and decide how much payout you'd receive when you win. Basically, the higher the payout, the smaller your chances are but it's really worth it. For you to win, your dice rolled must meet the qualifications whether it should roll under or over a certain amount. 

Here's an advice I received: You can try and roll 25 exp x 101 OR 1000 FGN x 100. I've tried both ways and won a few times! Just make sure you won't run too low on tokes and experience in case you get unlucky!

Multiplayer Lottery


Like how all lottery games go, you can bet what you own in hopes of winning. There are lotteries that end every after three minutes! 



Here's where you can get free tokens. You can complete a task called "EXP Grinder" by continuously using the faucet to earn EXP. The higher your level is, the more bonus rewards you can get! Here's an example of a bonus (this is not a super reward yet):



Other than playing games, you can chat and make friends with other people active in FocusGames. You better read their rules before you try something funny or else you might get banned! That aside, FocusGames has a lot of friendly players who are willing to help especially if you're new to the site. They have a peaceful environment since players can tip each other some tokens, experience, FGBUX, and even VIP coins!

You can also "rain" some tokens in the chat by typing "/rain" in the message corner. If you are actively chatting and doing the faucet, your umbrella becomes green which would mean that you can be "rained upon" by the rainmaster, therefore giving you a chance for some cool rewards!


Through offerwalls, you can earn FGBUX by doing surveys and playing their games. These earned FGBUX can then be converted into FGN or Experience but FGBUX can also be used to buy items in the website's store.

Daily Bonus

Finishing the daily bonus is the very task that will use your time each day. Why did I say so? If you're not a VIP, you basically can't use autoplays in games like Slotmachine and Wheel of Wealth. That means you have to spin it manually. It can be very tedious but then again, you can celebrate once you hit big rewards like the Jackpot and Big Win. 


Finishing tasks can reward you with some FGN and Experience. However, you must make it your everyday goal to finish the Daily Bonus completely. Why? So that you can go on a streak.



Yes, there are other ways you can do in order to keep your streak going but completing the Daily Bonus is the most rewarding. The more you keep your daily streak going, the more your rewards go higher by a percentage. To add, you get bonuses within the site. For example, when you reach the Day 2, you can skip the captcha more often when you try to make a faucet claim. 

Extras you should know about

As you can see, there are a lot of ways you can earn FocusTokens in the game. You can earn a lot as long as you exert an effort and give it some time

Grow your account. Leveling up is important because you can receive more rewards the higher your level is. You need FGN to upgrade your Vegas Level because your Vegas Level determines what your max bet is. 

You can withdraw them from your wallet but I honestly suggest you to not withdraw as soon as you think you have a lot of tokens. You can only withdraw a certain amount per day depending on your level. Also, your withdrawals will only be processed once it reaches a total amount of 20,000 FGN. 

There are a lot more things you can explore on in FocusGames! We are always welcome to new players!


If my article has helped you and you're thinking about trying out FocusGames, I'd appreciate it if you'd use my link here to go to the website. Let me know in the comments if you did so that I can reward you with some tokens!  

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