Finally, some good news (plus another thing to think about)!

By Mireane | Mirea - Crypto Corner | 11 Aug 2020

Following from my previous article about how I wasn't able to get my Brave Rewards for the month of July, I am now happy to tell you guys that my Rewards had finally reflected onto my Uphold wallet.

As shown below, from the 12.3 BAT I have collected up until today, 8.422 BAT (it took me about a hundred ads) was transferred in the wallet.


Now, I wish it was time to live happily ever after but of course I had another thing to worry about. Like what I have previously mentioned in the other article, I noticed how less I got ads this month. To elaborate, here's the number of ads I have seen the last few days: 

057f81c656a4d559f699c53a4098913b603254b157764bdde13f276f4dc9277a.jpegThe image may look weird but I had put it in that manner to be transparent to you guys. The last day I was able to view ads was last August 6, 2020. I had not viewed any ads since then. I tried to look it up on Brave Community as well. The latest post with the same problem I saw was created last April 20, 2020. You can read the post here which was posted by a fellow Brave User.

From what I have read, it seems that the problem is not on Brave's side. On April 15, Mattches, from Browser Support, addressed the issue: 

That does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with Ads on your system. As it says in the troubleshooting guide:

The difference in wording may seem small, but there is a substantial difference conceptually. The goal is to show you privacy respecting ads that are relevant to the user in the right context (a “match” is found) – not to make sure that all users “see some ads” . Enabling Ads does not guarantee that you’re going to see ads – if the system does not find a match for you in the ads catalog, then you will not see any (more information on this below).

Further, you may see ads appearing regularly today, but tomorrow you may not see any – and that’s perfectly fine . In this situation, it really is a feature , not a bug . We appreciate everyone’s understanding of this distinction and implore you to keep this in mind before assuming that the feature simply “isn’t working”.

I’m not entirely convinced that you’re experiencing a bug or issue at this point. This would be different if you were not receiving any Ads, which is what your original post lead me to believe but it seems as though you are in fact seeing plenty of them, just not as many as you had expected.

-Mattches, Browser Support

Simply put, if we have our notifications on and everything is set properly but we still don't see any ads, that might be because there are no other ads to give that are relevant enough to be shown.

As I'm someone in the shoe of not getting ads, I think my only option is to just sit back and wait for more days in a hope to get ads. I'm fine with it though. I'm happy enough to have gotten around 50 before I completely had no ads coming. I do hope that by September, tables turn. 

If you have thoughts on this matter, feel free to comment! 


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