Tulips that give us color and hope

By Duvinca | The world, the life & me | 19 Jan 2022

There are gray days, in which the clouds not only hide the sun but also our spirits, we do not feel any energy, we move by inertia without thinking much more. Our entire routine is automatic, we do the same thing between four walls, and crossing asphalt streets in traffic and looking only at traffic lights. Those are the color points of such a day.

That feeling can happen but it also passes, it doesn't last forever, what's more, sometimes it only lasts an instant, or a while, or a few hours or a day... or until someone makes us laugh or hugs us or gives some good news. Or also when we are surprised or with any other little detail. And we feel better again.

How can it happen? With something simple, simple but beautiful. And colorful. We need the good vibration of colors and feel them. And for me, flowers can help us a lot, I think it's positive to surround ourselves with nature if we can't get closer to it. Any green corner, where to stop and breathe and admire the shape of the trunk of a tree can relax us. But also closer, if you have flowers.

And I have some flowers, and I planted three tulip bulbs a few months ago, I love these flowers, all colors. But I wasn't sure if they would come out, previously I planted a dalia but it didn't come out... although others that I also have did. So I wasn't sure. But after a few months from September-October that I put them underground and started to water them, suddenly one day I saw some small green dots, finally sprouts! A surprise that encourages and motivates, because now every day I approach and peek out with curiosity to see how the beautiful process of natural life continues.

And it's excited to see that one of them in particular is going fast, it wants to grow and show off its pink beauty in a short time, because you can already see, you already sense how precious that tulip will be, and in another few weeks the other two It seems that they will follow the same path.

Every time there is a gray or sad day, I will be able to lean out and look for a moment, distract myself and feel good seeing that there are things that follow their natural course and come out, come out well and beautifully, and that we must always hope for the best, do everything we can to make it so and then patiently let it all happen. And look the color, sometimes it happens, it happens... and that's how we learn and realize that there is always hope.



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