Spring asthenia mood?

By Duvinca | The world, the life & me | 30 Apr 2022

I'm really tired, I feel weird, like lack of energy, it's really hard for me to do any of the usual day-to-day things. Even thinking about writing an article now makes me feel lazy... but it's not laziness, it's something else. What is it?

I don't know if it's the weather, lately it's crazy, we've spent a month and a half with almost little light, something very unusual for my area, here the sun usually shines a lot, almost always, even during the winter months the weather is fantastic , but I don't know what happens that spring automatically begins and as if it were a monsoon it starts to rain almost non-stop, strong winds arrive that drag the sand from the beach and knock down old olive trees, and the clouds take over the sky.

The weather affects us all to a greater or lesser extent, the intensity depends on the sensitivity we have, I suppose, maybe I am "meteopathic". But there is also the so-called “spring asthenia”, an already established term that many of us know and that some of them are associated with allergies to pollen, for example, or a cold due to those abrupt changes in temperature.

The one-hour-time change also coincides at this moment, which still occurs in some areas, we lost one hour the last weekend of March, a change that does not bring any of the advantages that are preached and, on the other hand, does bring quite a few adaptation problems at the level of our biorhythms, especially.

And if we are also experiencing a stressful or worrying situation, or that requires a lot of attention and constantly occupies our mind, we can also feel more tired. Because surely we will sleep worse, that is happening to me, with how well I slept before... now it costs me something more and then I notice it throughout the day, that lethargy. Of course we cannot forget our mind, the one that sometimes speaks to us, pressures us and anguishes us with a multitude of thoughts, of horrible futures that have not happened, of guilty regrets from the past, and of those incessant worries... Our mind in some specific situations it can leave us without energy, because the mind consumes many resources, so it is normal to feel that exhaustion in specific times of challenging changes for example. There we are, hopefully everything changes soon and for the better.

Then what do we do? Just we need to rest. Likewise, there are no more tricks or advices. But it seems that we don't allow it or we can't afford it... there are always things to do. In fact here I am writing about this with my head full of ideas that go by frantically while at the same time I only think about lying down for a while, watching some series and stop thinking. I just want to stop thinking for a while, and rest.

We all deserve rest and we must listen to our bodies, and if we need to sleep more in a certain period, we must do so, go to bed earlier, take a nap, change schedules or other habits. And not only sleep, but also sit on the sofa a little more, take a quiet walk and sit in a park or in front of the sea, feel the contact with nature and charge our energy.

We must not forget that we must eat, eat well, perhaps in demanding times we need more and better nutrients, of course, vitamins... and now we must take advantage of the season, the strawberry season! A lot of freshness and many vitamins, also vitamin C. Vitamin C is very important because it not only influences our immune system, but also affects the suprarenal glands, the adrenal glands... hence the well-known "adrenal fatigue" that is also linked to functioning of other hormonal glands such as the thyroid. You have to review that, and take into account any other added factor. That is why we must learn to listen to our body.

While I eat strawberries, and I take more vitamin C, I will tell you which one, perhaps in another article, it may be interesting. I also try to rest, not feel guilty about it, eat well, breathe calmly, relax, not think all the time, well, think I think, but not always, and not always with the same issues, with the same fears of the future really. I feel calm, I decide to stop, and if I think of something, let it be: “everything is going to be fine".


Thanks for reading! Have a very relaxing and restful day.




The text is mine and the photo too ©Duvinca


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