Smell of orange blossom

By Duvinca | The world, the life & me | 9 May 2022

I can't share an aroma, only images and words... sensations that go beyond, almost to the inexplicable. How to explain it then?

Simply go for a walk in a nice sunny day, go through streets dotted with small trees with a fairly round crown. Some pretty green trees dotted with small, delicate white flowers, and suddenly, what is that smell?


It is a pleasure to be able to go out to almost any street, well not in all of them we find this natural sensory experience, normally you have to get away from noisy streets and traffic, go to the field, to orange groves for several kilometers. But on a small scale, it is also possible.

I walk out for a moment, minding my own business, but I turn the corner, I keep walking, moving forward, and I have to stop thinking. I look around, I look up. What a privilege, what a scent. I take a deep breath, I want to breathe more deeply. Oh!


I take a flower, I squeeze it in my hand, I inhale strongly, how wonderful. I don't want to leave, I don't want to move from there, but a few steps forward the smell continues, it follows me, I wish it would come with me, it's like wearing an intense perfume in a natural and organic way. A magical sensation, as I said, almost indescribable.

I don't know what to say, I take some photos, while the sun hits my eyes, I don't see well, but I don't care, my main sense is smell now, the others can't do much more, I only focus on my breathe and my sensations.


But I have to go, knowing that the fragrance won't last either, the flowers will give way to oranges. Some can already be seen hanging from other of those trees, but they are city oranges, they call them "boor oranges", because they are not usually eaten. In addition to being too bitter, they are not healthy since when they are exposed to the fumes, gases and pollution of the city they absorb harmful substances that are not recommended for consumption.


Therefore they remain as something ornamental to decorate our urban environment. Something nice to see in the city, which connects us with nature and with another reality. Only that intense and marvelous aroma that I smell now already takes me very far from here...


Thanks for reading! Have a scented day!




The text is mine and the photo too ©Duvinca


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The world, the life & me
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