Oleander trees

By Duvinca | The world, the life & me | 25 Jun 2022

Pink trees, as in a dream. Trees full of flowers, an explosion of color that catches our attention. Wherever we go, we suddenly run into a long row of trees that look like cotton candy, as if we were in a magical story.

But it's not magic, it's a splendor spring, fueled by strangely very very rainy first few months and a sudden change to summer temperatures and lots of sunlight, intense and bright, like the colors of pink flowers in combination with the blue sky, so cleansed...


I love that contrast, it's perfect. It is perhaps the most vibrant time because everything changes, everything is revolutionized, everything grows and flourishes. And so we find it around us, at every step we take and surprise... a beautiful panorama in front of our eyes.


These flowers are oleanders, which as we see, bloom at this time. Last year they already amazed me and I photographed them, different trees and bushes, also in different colors, and shared them on Noise.cash. Then the fall and the cold and the rains changed the whole landscape, and disappeared. Such is the cycle of nature.

But here they are again, they surprise us again, they give us joy and hope when we see that everything returns, even the beautiful things that we like. I missed them. And now they decorate the promenade again, what better place! After a few more steps we also see the sea.

I love flowers, in general and in particular, and therefore this pink around me, as well as enjoying myself near the sea breeze and under a clear and spectacular blue sky is priceless. A wonder, I never tire of looking at these trees invaded by these beautiful pink oleanders.


Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day.




The text is mine and the photos too ©Duvinca 


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The world, the life & me
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