Old traditions at Easter

By Duvinca | The world, the life & me | 25 Apr 2022

Last week we have celebrated Easter holidays...
Today is the second Easter Monday, also holiday and we have had a festive week, Holy Week, and the quintessential weekend of these celebrations, especially Easter Sunday. And these days we see colored eggs, rabbits, typical sweets that we eat these days. But traditions go further.

It happens like Christmas, it seems that everything is focused on lights, decorated trees, more sweets and many gifts. But we leave aside the origin and meaning of those days. We stop reflecting, meditating, valuing and thanking.

Also sometimes we stop respecting. This happens these days when many deny the festivity, that religious part that they consider to be from other times, and it seems that part of society not only ignores the deep meaning and its own origin, but that some, including politicians, against. But our history and our past can be valued independently of our beliefs, but we must always respect traditions that do not harm others, it is not about sacrificial rituals like others were... and after years of seeing everything from the distance, I have been reflecting on all this lately.

As I say, it is not necessary to show passion or religious fervor, you can go and enjoy a cultural environment that all of us who live in that territory share and enriches us as a society.

For that reason yesterday I decided to go see a procession after a long time, and I chose the best one. Why? Because normally they focus on pain, on some martyred saint or on Jesus Christ himself crucified with solemn music, but yesterday they celebrated a very festive one during the Marine Holy Week.

In the so-called maritime settlements, the neighborhood near the sea and the promenade that was once a fishing village, this procession is celebrated on Easter Sunday. What is most striking is the joy and the costumes: we see Roman soldiers of the time, patrician women of the Roman nobility with many loops in their hair, other humbler characters, Christians, others with typical religious costumes of these days bearing their emblems on banners, and music bands that comes from all the province and far away. There is a lot of tradition of music bands here too.





Everyone participates from old people to small children with their miniature costumes. All under a powerful sun move in step, to the beat, and accompanied by very cheerful popular music, and dance while throwing the flowers they carry to the people who are there and applaud them.


So without realizing it, the atmosphere is impressive, you look at the people and for a moment they are focused on that moment, and you realize that they enjoy it in community. And that community is still strong, they are still excited, and they are happy. Which in the end is what matters.

It was a curious and happy time, especially seeing the youngest so dedicated in their own way, sharing the same tradition that their parents shared with their grandparents and beyond. At one point we are all transported back in time, we feel the weight of history and cultural heritage, which as I say again, must be respected, and in my case, and in this case, admired. A beautiful old tradition made festive.

Thanks for reading! Have a happy day.


The text is mine and the photo too ©Duvinca


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