New ways of learning

New ways of learning

By Duvinca | The world, the life & me | 16 May 2021

Technology is increasingly part of our lives in education as well. New methodologies and ways of learning appear, such as online or non-face-to-face classes. Nowadays, the use of virtual training platforms or mobile applications, among other 2.0 educational tools, is a trend that is gaining followers and students. We see that it is not always necessary to travel daily adjusting schedules to follow classes, whether in the official academic world as in language courses or in other professional disciplines, being able to study and train at home, not only working, is increasingly easier.

In particular, the use of digital platforms for training and learning has developed a lot in recent times in the language learning sector. Thanks to tools such as Skype or even the exchange through WhatsApp/Telegram groups, other languages ​​can be practiced, both writing and speaking. In addition, some specialized websites and platforms have become very popular, even free versions, such as Duolingo, Babbel or Busuu, etc. Even I have discovered that using you can practice your "writing skills"spontaneously, by writing posts and comments in chambers in other languages.

At the same time, universities and other training centers have been incorporating into their traditional itineraries, for some cases, other non-face-to-face teaching methods in which it is not necessary to always go to the classrooms. The sending of files of educational material and the use of videoconferences is covering the needs of those who want to study at a different pace and in a free way from anywhere.

Online course platforms, there are more and more as we see, it seems that they have many benefits although they can also have some drawbacks and problems like: a technical failure; the complexity of use if they are not very intuitive, which can make us lose a lot of time in order to become familiar with it; lack of synchronization with other students or of response in time; or not having defined guidelines or an established order, etc. But we know that little by little they will be generalized because it is a method that provides many advantages for those who need other formulas compatible with their circumstances. Now they are much more used and popular, by those who seek to make better use of the time that they have left, because we all have frenetic rhythms of life that sometimes make it difficult for us to combine obligations, concerns and new challenges. And distance is no longer an added problem, we can save time and cost, if we know how to use these platforms efficiently.

How to take advantage of online courses?

  • Organize. In other words, we must think that although we do not have to attend compulsory classes, we will also have to dedicate time if we want to take advantage of the course. The difference will be when, rather than how much. Therefore, it is highly recommended to plan a routine, see what gaps or free time we have throughout the day, or the week to explicitly reserve it for the study. In the end, whatever we want to achieve is going to require time, dedication and effort, what we have to do is organize it in the way that best suits us. That does not mean that, due to the freedom of schedules, we have to be permanently hyperconnected, making our lives more chaotic and stressful. It is useless, it is not productive that way, nor can we assimilate everything, we have to find a balance with our daily life, that is the value that this type of course offers us.
  • Know the tools. It is good to start, before starting to study, to sweep through the entire interface, spend some time to see and investigate all the functionalities that there are and be sure of knowing how to use the platform well to get the most out of it and not have problems later.
  • Open to learn. If we get down to it, we must have the right mindset to take advantage and achieve our goals. We need to be motivated with what we are doing and be proactive. We will have to work independently and that is why it is important to have initiative to seek more information or ask questions.
  • Communicate. Although we study at our own pace, we are not alone, there will also be other students enrolled, and forums may be organized for groups to express doubts, raise debates or give more information on topics of interest. It is always positive to interact with other students, collaboration, even if it is virtual, can contribute a lot. In these times learning to work in a team also from a distance is a very convenient skill. Likewise, we must also be proactive and ask the questions that we have to the teacher in charge of the subject.
  • Analyze the progression and give feedback. As in any course, it is good to take into account the advice and recommendations that coordinators or teachers can give us, to progress, in addition this type of platform allows us to evaluate or see our evolution in a more visual or direct way. On the other hand, it is good to give feedback to the organization, through surveys or comments, to improve and further adapt these courses to the global needs of virtual students.

The digital world is more and more real, we ourselves are becoming more and more part of it, and in the technological immersion in which we are we must take advantage of all the possibilities that are offered to us. One of them are online courses, a key tool to achieve new skills and abilities that the future will surely demand of us.

It is never too late to keep learning!



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