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By Duvinca | The world, the life & me | 2 Jun 2021

Hi everybody!

Apparently another opportunity has come to learn about a new project and earn a new cryptocurrency. This time it's the token of Plasma.Finance called PPAY, and there's information about all this at Coinmarketcap and also in its website Plasma.Finance



PlasmaFinance, the all-in-one DEX aggregator, does away with the complexity typically associated with DeFi.

- Makes it easy to navigate DeFi, giving you all available channels in one place.
- Lets you buy and sell crypto with card or bank account.
- Helps you manage your portfolio and assets safely in a hassle-free environment.
- Gives you transparent, real-time analytics that helps you learn about and assess DeFi projects and opportunities to make the most-informed decisions.


What should you do to earn some PPAY tokens?


First of all, be sure you have a verified Binance account in order to get always these earning chances. Now log in Coinmarket cap, then click on "Learn" on the menu bar and later on "Earn". So, get started...


  • (Check availability. Maybe it's not available in all countries...)
  • Watch the 4 videos. Remember to watch always all the videos (there are very shorts) if not maybe later you won't receive anything.
  • Put your email address (the same you used for registering in Coinmarketcap) and answer the following questions. Here the answers: 
    • 1: All of the Above 2: Yield Farming 3: You have to be careful about fake data, manipulated statistics and bot numbers when using Plasma Finance, just as you would on centralized data sources. 4: 1 5: All of the Above 6: PPAY
  • And put your PPAY ERC-20 wallet address. Be careful, a wallet not an exchange address, here below you see all the wallets. And this time your Binance ID is not requested!


  • Finally check you aren't a robot (captcha). That's all.

Hurry up!



 And good luck!



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