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A Poetic Sunrise

By Duvinca | The world, the life & me | 5 Mar 2023

Once again I retrace my steps once more, at a fast pace, running always accompanied by the sound of the Mediterranean sea, relaxing and motivating at the same time, with only a few pauses to capture a single second of time in an image.

A quiet panorama that every moment becomes more inspiring and beautiful, when the play of lights begins, the sun that is once again, one more day, the protagonist of the sky, but that sometimes competes with those small playful clouds that do not darken or ugly, quite the contrary.

Because both in winter and in summer we look forward to that moment, after the darkness comes the bright and dazzling day, many of them are like that, everything takes on a magical hue bathed by those first shy rays of sun.

I love that light, those energizing rays, and everything that surrounds me then. And I look ahead, towards the horizon, a thousand times, I can't stop looking...

Between trees, between clouds, it doesn't matter, there is the great solar star that hypnotizes as it passes. Because we are still there, walking, forward and towards the sea. So until we get closer to the incessant but gentle movement of the waves, which seem to want to present us with an almost dreamlike panorama. Am I dreaming?

We don't want to walk, we don't want to move, we would stay there forever. But nothing lasts forever, the sun moves fast, it advances directly to the sky, to cover more and more, to increase its strength and power and to dazzle our senses.

So we continue, we follow its trajectory with our eyes, at each step it moves and the light changes. The higher it seems to shine, the more it shines in the sea itself, which remains serene but not still. And we see it when we cross the road, the waves crash and pass over it, but it doesn't matter, it can be passed, we can continue. And the walk does not end.

Those little clouds seem smaller and smaller, they seem tired and disappear, too much intensity, now the sky is bluer, and the contrast with some beautiful flowers is more charming. There are always flowers that adorn all around us, that make everything more beautiful if that's possible, because that moment when the day begins inspires us more than any other.

It is a beautiful moment, inspiring, enchanting, magical… like a poem. It is one more walk, one more sunrise, and it is my moment.

I hope you like it and you have enjoyed as much as I do.

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful and bright day.



The text is mine and the photos too ©Duvinca

I have also published my article on Hive (Ecency)

All these photos have been taken with my Samsung mobile.


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The world, the life & me
The world, the life & me

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