Why can't music help bitcoin?

By Blurryface | Mining the etherium | 27 May 2019

Music has always been a debated issue.

Why and what and how music is instilled in society.

Has anyone ever sat down with their parents music and said this is the music for me this is real Music?

Well this statement is usually true throughout the ages. Why are we so dedicated to older music is the great question?

I begin with the idea that what is music. Many people question this saying that music has no real purpose in society. Well I believe that this code has been broken.

How music plays a purpose is simple. First take your grandparents music. It was influential it was groundbreaking to them. But what if that was just to influence your parents. It was said rock and roll was the devils music. 

If generations go by and music keeps getting worse. Or even better depending on the outlook and what the individual looks and hears from it.

The music would keep influencing the next generation and those songs are influencing those people wheather  the music is closer to God or the devil.

Think about it in terms of generations if 10 generations are pure and 10 are impure, then society is going to consume the purity in man.

As time goes by time repeats itself. If it's not society and the economic systems. Then it's a rage that builds up in the people till we are savages. These savages are all consuming till we as societies ask for change because the violence is so great.

That's why a generation will in most cases be influenced by a earlier generations music. The music we come to learn in the generation we live is meant to influence the offspring and they intern have there kids listening to a generational song that is the influence that they consider to be the devil or gods music.

That's why influence is key our chants and love songs are slowing leading society to ruin till society screams for change. Unless we look two generations back and our children look a generation further.

But if we instill bitcoin in song we can develop our coins a generation ahead.

Think if music said stack a coin in the water like a wishing well.

Or block the chains that make us.

Even take a stake, show them what you make, in time.

Then theirs a way for coins to be represented and never forgotten so they never bottom out to nothing.

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Mining the etherium

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