Should drug testing be legal.

By Blurryface | Mining the etherium | 13 Aug 2021

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Is drug testing for any employee a violation of civil rights and freedom of speech.


I open with this.

The 405 amendment guarantees freedom of many things in athletes that they may not be drug tested without suspicion. Also freedom of speech by the Vietnam black bands. (Paraphrased). 


With modern technology and vaccines that directly communicate at a genetic level. 


I could legitimently say the government is imposing it's will on citizens.


That when urine tests takes seconds to take. That any employee can be given one simply by using the restroom. That reactions can be caused by using a fountain. With filtration systems adding agents necessary.


That employees don't give consent in contracts with specification for-mentioned. That employees can go dirty for years with employers violating the rights of the people they serve and employees.


That suspicion has turned to entrapment to produce prosecution. 


And that is not innocent till proven guilty.


Despite drug free workplace.


That the bureau would allow use for control and control use. For the for-mentioned reason.

Our atoms of life is a race, a base for argument outside of the normal. The govt encomposses bullying policy in schools to be the bully themselves. 


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Mining the etherium
Mining the etherium

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