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Robots, humans, and universal natives..

By Blurryface | Mining the etherium | 12 May 2021

My recent thought…


Robots, humans, and universal natives….


It would make no sense for hostility within our universe by any of these things… sure humanity has failed numerous times basically killing themselves….


Yet we have a conceptual belief of good and bad that is so scewed we belief everything and anything can hurt us..


Theoretically, a alternate race of beings mined our planet leaving it baren...would that be bad or hostile…


I pose further, what if this happened but humanity was given robots to survive and terraform planet back to the original state a terrestrial bank…


What if the race just wanted to ground humans to there world for perspective and understanding…


Or the highest being...

Logically it would make more sense to create a species piece by piece then evolve them into the same spiecies to gain control, or soldiers, or just a uniform look..

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Mining the etherium
Mining the etherium

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